Lincoln Agenda

May 2-6, 2016

What's Happening....

Library - A Week (Return Books, Utilize Maker Space)

Monday, May 2

RTI Meetings during Plan Times

Cogat Testing Begins

Benchmark Testing Begins (due May 20)

1:45 Visit from CP Community Foundation in the Library (the class visiting the Library/Maker Space will be a part of the visit)

Tuesday, May 3

8:00 Case Conference - Karen, Melissa, Denise

9:00 Principals Meeting

3:20 Staff Appreciation Ice Cream Bar provided from Horace Mann

Wednesday, May 4

8:05 Assistance with Artifacts in Library

Deficiency Reports Printed

3:20 Talent Show Tryouts

Thursday, May 5

8:05 Meeting for all teachers in Year 1 or 2 of IMAP

1st Grade Mother's Day

Deficiency Reports Sent Home

Friday, May 6

Grade Level Meetings

1:15 Fire Drill

Monthly Meeting Schedule- A look ahead. This may change but may be helpful for you as you plan.

RTI Referral- Please fill this out if you have a student that you have concerns about. Marcie will add his or her name to the agenda. This is for academics or behavior. If you have urgent concerns, please let Melissa or Marcie know ASAP. If you have behavior concerns, please use a tally sheet and talk to Christina.


Data Meetings, Grade Level Meetings

On Fridays, we will be continuing with your grade level meetings. I will be attending one grade level each week. Mary will be attending them as long as her schedule permits.

Please be prepared to speak about student performance.

Bring data that reflects students' performance to date such as curriculum maps.

Your laptop may be useful to access the google doc.

We will begin at 8:05 in the conference room.

Kindergarten - May 6

What's Next...

Deficiency Reports

Printed May 4

Send Home May 5

Mapping Dates

May 9 - 3rd Grade

May 17 - 4th Grade

May 18 - 5th Grade


May 2-20 Spring F & P Benchmarking

May 2-23 Cogat Testing Grades K, 2, 5

May 16-27 STAR Testing

Recess Before Lunch?

We have talked about this before. I will be meeting with Isabella to talk about how this would work with our schedule. Please let me know your thoughts!

Thank you!!!!

This week is recognized as Teacher Appreciation Week! Because we ALL contribute to the success of our students, we recognize and appreciate our entire STAFF! Our PTO has events for every day NEXT week. (Schedule will be sent out.)


Who has something they would like to share? Maybe you have a technology app or organization strategy that really helps out? Have you been using a management technique that works? If you would like to share it out, let me know. You all are doing wonderful things, we can learn from each other.