The Battle of Bunker Hill

By: Marco Najar

Join the British Paralament

We Need you for the British Army


We need to be the people of example who aren't scared to fake the fact that we all need rule so don't turn into animals like the colonist in the thirteen colony's. Will you all join us all bringing stable living in these colony's you all can help in all types of way to our country better,stronger,and build in trust

We promise to keep you safe

Why Join us ?

Why would you want to help us well its because if we don't stop this sudden eruption that the colonist are doing,then we will be forced to put tax on you because this war will cost even more

it's your choice

Do you want to be with your family, your blood, or with traders who don't care how many of us die in the process of this revolution. Hundreds of us die our love one, and even worst our Children the future of our country do you really want them to grow up separated from their blood line. It's now your choice.