Mrs. Becker's Class - Parent Notes

Weekly Update November 12th


  • 2 Volunteers for Duty Free Lunch on Thursday, November 13th!!
  • Pies!
    On November 25th bring a pie (or two!) for the staff at NTES. Pies can be store bought or homemade. They will be collected from car rider drop off or bus riders can drop them off in their classrooms. Staff members will be able to pick a pie to grace their Thanksgiving table.

Shout Out!

Our class had the most candy for our grade level!!! We took the first grade first prize with 8.43 pounds.
Each student in these classrooms will be receiving a special health and wellness reward this week for their donations. Thank you for all of the efforts of students and teachers in this candy drive. Bright Blessings will be so grateful to receive all of this candy!


  • Family Fun Night - (Friday, November 14th) NTES will take over Kate's Skate for Family Fun Night! A parent must be present with the child.
  • Chic-Fil-A Night - (Tuesday, November 18th) - The class with the highest attendance wins dessert with the principal
  • Hawk Pride Day - (Friday, November 21st) - Teachers dress like students and students dress like teachers
  • HOLIDAY - (Wednesday November 26th - Friday November 28th) No school!
  • Snowflake Shoppe- (December 8th - 12th) Students will be able to shop from items vendors have on display. All items will be $15.00 and under.
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