Assistive Technology

Joysticks and Screen Magnifiers


A joystick is a device that can help control the cursor on a computer. There are 3 different types of joysticks available depending on the needs of the student. This device would be beneficial to students that have a disability to control movements. They can control the joystick with their hand, head, or chin. This device can help students be able to stay in the classroom and be successful. They can have independence in operating the computer.

Screen Magnifier

A screen magnifier enlarges the content on the screen. A screen magnifier should be used for the visually impaired that have some function of sight. A screen magnifier would benefit students by enabling them to use a computer instead of having to use a different source of information. They would feel like a part of the class instead of having to use something different just because they couldn't read it.
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I have not seen either assistive technology being used. I would say both of these types are used for communication.
What is Assistive Technology (A.T.)