Thursday Thoughts

Second Grade

Dear Second Grade Parents,

The excitement is palpable in our classroom, mainly due to the introduction of the arctic animal research report! Children were assigned their animals yesterday and we started taking notes from Today we discussed using the index to find certain topics about our animals or to search for particular species in books about polar animals. We are taking notes on color-coded cards to organize facts according to an animal's appearance, habitat, diet, and behavior.

Thank you to Richard Henderson, who talked to our class about his four-month expedition to the arctic in 1993. We were fascinated to hear about how he lived in a tent, saw some of the animals we are currently researching, and how he abseiled in crevasses of glaciers!

The children are practicing how to add two and three digit numbers by using the partial sums method. Today we started our geometry unit with line segments.

Next Wednesday morning, our pen pals from Seneca Academy are visiting us here at Concord Hill! We are looking forward to meeting them in person after four months of writing letters to each other.

Thanks and enjoy the long weekend,

Emilia and Rachel