The Selection

By Meg Cobot

Her story

Her parents are in grave poverty and sometimes the hunger rate is to the extent where people, even little kids, would steal from nearby stores and bakeries just so they have some food for dinner. In they're government they have a scale that tells who's richest and who's the poorest. She is a five In that category from 1-10. She's tied between her childhood sweetheart and entering The Selection, that she would only do for the benefits that come with being chosen to compete. Obviously she doesn't wanna go, doesn't wanna leave her forbidden love, Aspen. Things change when she is forced to sign up when Aspen breaks up with her, so nothing'll hold her back from a better life.

Eventually she signs up and makes it into "The Selection". Her brain gets mixed feelings of what's right and wrong, She knows that if she stayed in the competition it will help her family have a better life with income that comes with it.

The longer she stays the more she realizes she doesn't want to leave.

Prince Maxon changes every stereotype possible that she made.

Is time really enough to choose between the two?

What will America Singer do?

When Aspen broke up with her everything was a blur. She didn't really have time for dress up, or competing for "prince charming". Really the only thing that kept her going was the thought that she was helping her family while doing this. As she gets to know the prince more and more, she starts to enjoy herself more than she should have. In her mind she's erasing every bad thought that came to mind about him. Until she's forced to think about a future with Prince Maxon, He's getting really serious about how he feels about her. But as things get tense childhood sweet heart decides to sweep in and become one of the palace's gaurds. Well it turns out he wasn't so over her apparently, in case you don't know what they are doing is a violation of the competition, so serious consequences come with just talking to him about thing other than things to do with the selection.

Everything heats up as she fight to stay and choose before times up.

Questions asked...

A lot of questions are asked about this book. Why do you like it? How is it interesting? Do you read books like this all the time?Well first off I just wanna say i'm a really big fan of romantic novels, but it cant just be about romance. Its has to have some other action quality that keeps me reading