Kevin Lenart

Accounting basics


Accountants prepare and examine financial records, make sure bills and taxes are paid on time, and help run the financial side of a business.

Daily tasks:

Make sure financial statements are correct and legal, suggest ways to lower cost and improve profits, inspect account books, and compute taxes.


A bachelor's degree is the minimum, but employers want a master's degree. A specialty degree in a specific region is helpful, and some job experience.

Job skills:

Communication skills, organizational skills, math skills, analytic skills, and must be detail oriented.

Job Outlook:

Accountants and similar careers are growing at an average rate. As the economy becomes better, the more accountants will be needed.


Accountants make $63,550 a year on average.

Work Environment:

Most work in offices but some work from home. Most of the work is independent and they may travel to their clients business to work.

Accounting Connections

Accounting can be stressful at times especially during tax season and other major events. Accountants work a full week and even overtime to get things done. You can advance after a few years of hard work, and open your own business.

"I just wanted to be a businessman, and to me, the best way to understand business was to be an accountant" Aubrey McCledon

High School Preparation

Related courses:

Business accounting, Entrepreneurship, Clep accounting honors.

Extra-curricular activities:

Future business leaders of America.




1. Mr.Shilts is my autos teacher who I have a great connect to and can talk to him if I ever need something.

2. My dads friend Adam who is currently an accountant and would want me to take over his business eventually. He's close to retiring but still wants to keep his businesses.

3. A older friend of mine who knows a lot about me and would be a great source to speak to about my behavior and attitude.

External References:





Future Plans


NIU because it is fairly close, a bigger size environment, and one of the better majors is accounting.

ISU because it's in state and also has a good financial major system.

Majors: accounting business management or accountant technician/bookkeeping.


Every accountant must complete the CPA exam and have 150 hours of college course work. There are 4 parts to this important test. A bachelor's degree is required, but not a master's.


Apprentice opportunities help you decide if this is the right career for you. Helps gain experience while in college to land a better job when finished.

After high school I hope to go to college straight away to NIU and get a master's degree if possible, then one day open my own office.