Jackie Robinson

Jackie Robinson was the best base ball player to ever live.

Jackie who

Jackie Robinson is known as the first afircan american to play to play in the big leages

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Child Hood

  1. Jackie was born on January 31st 1919 in Albany,Georgia.
  2. He later moved to Pasadena ,California.
  3. Jackie was one of the youngest in his family.
  4. His father ran away and started a new family when he was little.

How Jackie Robinson got in his sport

Jackie was good at sports actually he was a champion at sports when couch of the Montreal Royals Branch Rickey saw that he was awesome at base ball he asked if he wanted to play for him then later he played for the Brooklyn Dodgers.

known for what

Jackie was known for setting records and lots of other thing but one that's important to now is that he was the first African american to play in the big ledges but sadly he died of a result of suffering diabetes .
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