Week at a Glance

April 14 to April 18 ... "B" Week


April Everybody Reads books delivered

Tanya, Carol, Theresa and Sara at Next Generation Science Standards workshop, at PDC all day

No Monday Meeting is scheduled


8:00 A.M. 3rd Quarter report card information must be in Skyward

9:15 5th Grade PLC

10:30 4th Grade PLC

2:05 3rd Grade PLC



10:15 6th grade BOB team, at District Battle of the Books

12:30 3rd grade BOB team, at District Battle of the Books


AR Cookies-Served before lunches, by Mrs. Sadelski and Mrs. Ryan

12:00 1st Grade PLC

2:05 2nd Grade PLC

Report cards go home today

Dr. Heggerty Memorial Books chosen by our students and taken home today

"A book is a gift you can open again and again." Garrison Keillor

7:00 P.M. PTO Meeting: Staff reps will be Denise, Pam P. and Cassie

Friday- No School

Wishing you all a peaceful day.

Upcoming things to note...

April 21- Monday Meeting, all staff

April 23- Edgewood Poem In Your Pocket Day

6th Grade visit to JJHS

April 24- Curriculum Writing

6:30 P.M. Edgewood Open House and Ice Cream Social

April 25- Curriculum Writing

April 26- District Young Author's Event, at JJHS

April is National Poetry Month

The other day I was visiting a 4th grade classroom while the students were focused on reading independently. I stopped to notice that one student had chosen to read a Shel Sliverstein poetry book. The student briefly told me that they enjoyed how funny many of the poems were, and it was so great to see her engaged in reading for pleasure!

Poetry can foster meaningful engagement while both reading and writing. April 23rd will be our 4th annual Poem in your Pocket day. All of our students will have choice in which poem they would like to share throughout the day! Please also consider giving students time to write original poetry. Maybe they will choose to share their very own poem!

This short video slip also shows how first graders collaboratively engaged in creating spoken word poetry:


Kenn Nesbitt's site is also a resource chock full of ideas that foster the love of poetry for kids.


5Essentials Survey

Our 6th graders have all completed the 5Essentials, and at this time we have 10% participation from our families, and 65% completion by our teachers.

Individuals in the following positions also are encouraged to complete the 5Essentials:

· Media specialists

· Speech/language pathologists

· Social workers

If you haven't yet, please visit illinois.5-essentials.org and find the survey button on the top of the page to take the survey.

Taking time to complete this survey today would be so appreciated!

Many thanks to all who have already visited the site to complete the 5Essentials questions.

Tanya Hughes, Edgewood School Principal

Where everyone soars with teaching, learning and caring!