Ring in the New Year

with the Foxes at Myrtle Beach!

We look forward to this every year and this year is no exception! You will find some tentative plans below.

Feel free to add, change, suggest anything you'd like!

When? Sunday, December 27 after church and we'll return to the real world on Friday, January 1st.

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Where? We'll be staying at Towers on the Grove.

3 bedrooms, 3 baths. Hot tubs, heated swimming pools. (Bring your skivvies).


Sunday: We'll stop and eat lunch.

Monday: The Lambert family is providing a barbecue meal.

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are open. Suggestions: Taco, soups, spaghetti, other??

Friday: New Year's Eve - Menu:


*Sausage Balls-Shelby

*Carrot Cake Bites-Shelby


*Oatmeal Cookies-Dawn

*White Chocolate Cookies-Dawn

*Peanut Butter Balls-Dawn

*Meat Balls

*Veggie Tray

*Pigs in a Blanket

*Rotel dip/Chips

Other drinks, tea


*Rest, Regroup, Regenerate

*Build Gingerbread House



*Win, Lose, or Draw-Dawn

*Train Game

*BINGO** Please bring 3 items per person (can be items from your house, Dollar Tree, etc.

(Gina-please bring your Bingo game)


*Movies (everyone bring some favorite movies)

*Walking on the beach, Hot tubbing, swimming