Animal Habitat Projects

Miss Castro's Homeroom

Miss Castro's homeroom class worked in groups to create animal habitat projects. They chose an animal and had to answer these questions:

1. What habitat does your animal live in?

2. How does the habitat give the animal its basic needs?

3. What adaptations does the animal have that help it get those basic needs?

4. What would be an inappropriate habitat for your animal? Why?

Then, they took their answers and created a digital lesson.

Click the picture of the EDUcreation and it will take you to the website with their video.

Christian, Jordan, Mikey, Callie

Tommy, Leah, Durham, Maddy

Mary Claire, Lauren, Simon, Jacob

Momo, Lea, Davis, Jon Regan

Ryan, Kathryn Anne, Tyler, Carsin

Isaiah, Drayton, Caden