My Life with the Walter Boys

Ali Novak


The genre of My Life with the Walter boys is Romance.


The theme of My Life with the Walter Boys is learning how to go through hard tragedies and learn to be a family again. Jackie Howard has to learn this as she goes through her tragedy and has to live with the Walter boys.


The protagonist in the story is Jackie Howard. She is a sixteen-year-old girl who is forced to live with the Walter boys. (All twelve of them, actually 11 but one acts like a boy.) Most of the older guys she finds very gorgeous and coming from an all girl boarding school she has a hard time living with them. She is very proper and makes perfect grades, she used to live in New York but is moving across the country to a Colorado ranch.


The Antagonist in the story is not really a person but an internal conflict. In the beginning of the story, Jackie Howard is faced with a hardship- her family's death. At first she is very shocked, so many things happening at once. Throughout the book, Jackie tries new things and makes new friendships. But during all of this, she's still trying to be perfect and follow in her parents footsteps. She wants to make them proud of her.

Main Character:

Jackie Howard is the main character in this book. She is very smart and always likes to be perfect. Coming from New York, Jackie is always dressed nice and proper. Once she moves to Colorado she faces many obstacles and is hit with many surprises. One thing Jackie doesn't like is chaos. She learns to love and be apart of a family again. "I didn't own a single pair of jeans." this is showing Jackie's personality from the very beginning.


The setting of this story is a Colorado ranch. It impacts the story because its where Jackie realizes she has a loving family again. She also likes how the house isn't so squeaky clean it's more homey that way. She meets new friends and makes friends with the Walter family.The Walter family teaches Jackie to let loose and not always try to be as perfect as she tries to be.

Main Conflicts:

Internal Conflict:

Jackie has to face her family's death and learn that they are really dead. She finds things that show up at the Walters that she didn't even know she packed. It makes her sad as she looks at old photos and clothes. She wants to live up and impress her parents.

External Conflict:

Coming from an all girls boarding school Jackie has a hard time living in a house with a bunch of boys. Also not having the house always squeaky clean. She thinks living in a house with a bunch of gorgeous boys is a good thing but also a bad thing. Jackie also thinks living on a ranch wih horses was very untidy in the beginning but she ends up finding a love for it.


The climax in My Life with the Walter Boys is when Jackie becomes Alex's girlfriend. This makes everyone in the house a litte uncofortable. Especially Cole. Cole and Alex get into many fights over Jackie and she hates it. After Jackie becomes Alex's girlfriend he starts rubing it in Cole's face and this makes him upset because he has feelings for Jackie.


Jackie ends up breaking up with Alex and they remain friends. After giving Danny his present, Danny invites Jackie to come stay with him back in her old state: New York. Jackie agrees to go with him. Right as she leaves to go to the airport she finds Cole and thy tell ech other their feelings. But they decide to wait till Jackie returns to see if their love is still as strong.

My opinion:

I absolutley loved this book! Its filled with love, sadness, and joy. I think love stories are so heart-warming and they make me so happy. This book ties in everything so well that I read it in one day. Its probably more for girls than guys unless guys lie love stories.