TEDx Coach Update #1


Congratulations you are registered!

Now what?

Find Your Participants

There are many way to select your Ted Talkers. You could work with a few shining stars, form a club, or work with your whole class. Organize your TEDx experience any way you feel most comfortable. All participants must be in 3rd to 6th grade.

Read Your TedxYouth@Columbus Information Packet

Inside the TEDx Informational Packet, you'll find TEDx facts, a suggested meeting plan, and a student journal.

Also, here is a copy of the original memo - TEDx Information Memo and sample parent letter. TEDx Sample Parent Letter

Watch TED Talks

Coaches and students need to experience many TED talks to understand their true nature. At this TED BY TOPICS link you can find talks organized by topic. TED talks are also listed in the informational packet. (Keep in mind that not all TED talks are written with our students' innocence in mind. Some TED Talks are on controversial topics.)

Use this TED TALK RESPONSE Sheet to guide students as they analyze TED talks.

Think About The Goals

This year's theme is “My Ideas are SIGNIFICANT!” Too often, the ideas of kids are not seen as worthy of attention. This event is the opportunity for students to research ideas they are passionate about, find personal connections to the ideas, and share how their ideas could impact the world.

Know the Rules

  1. Less than 4 minutes
  2. No notecards during presentation
  3. No more than 6 slides in a presentation
  4. No political agendas, religious proselytizing, or selling

Respect the Timeline

The event takes place Thursday, May 19, 2016, but the videos are due on Friday, April 1, 2016. The submission date was set to allow time to evaluate and select the top 20 speakers and audience members. This timeline allows time for the TEDxYouth@Columbus speakers to make final preparations for their talks.

Record Students' Ted Talks

You can submit up to 8 videos as a coach. If you have more students participating you may need to do some narrowing of the field at your school.

You can record you video any way you choose. It can be done as simply as on your cell phone. The recording quality is not going to be judged. Only the quality of the talk will be assessed. The talks will be judged on the following factors.

  • Topic of Talk
  • Speaker's ability to convey the message
  • Speaker's ability to relate the topic as significant to society

Submit Videos

Use these DIRECTIONS to upload your videos to One Drive. Once you have shared them with jgalbreath3825, I will email you to confirm they have been received.

Next Steps

Once the videos are judged and the event speakers are selected, all teachers, parents and students will be notified. Directions with specific event details and information will be emailed to all participants, including audience members.


Thank you to everyone for taking on this challenge and being willing to offer this opportunity to your students. Since this is the first year for TedxYouth@Columbus, we welcome your critique, suggestions and comments as to what works, what needs to improve and how we can ensure this is a positive experience for our students in the future. Please do not hesitate to email your comments to jgalbreath3825@columbus.k12.oh.us.