History of Camera

First camera was created by a machinist named Alexander Wolcott. His invention was officially recognized on May 8, 1840; he received a "first American patent for photography". His first camera was a mirror camera, that did not have any lens. The camera had a concave reflecting mirror, that was built by his associate Mr. Henry Fitz.

Use of Camera

Camera is mainly used to take a pictures or videos.To illustrate, many people want to save memories of where they went for vacation, special occasion photos like weddings, funny things they did. These photos/videos you could share with your friends and family. Additionally, we have the opportunity to see other people's pictures around the world. As well, cameras are used to film movies, professional cameras are used in filming industry.
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How Camera works

On a modern (digital) camera, when you press the button to take the picture, an opening opens at the front of your camera and light goes through the lens. In a old style camera you use a plastic film, but in a digital camera there is no film needed. in a digital camera there is charge-coupled device (CCD), which detects the light rays and turns them into electric signals. Light from object you photographed zooms in the camera lens. Once the picture hits the CCD, CCD separates it into millions of pixels. The unique feature of CCD is that it measures the brightness and colour of every pixel and stores the pixel as a number. To wrap it up, your photograph is basically a long string of numbers which explain the accurate details of each pixel it has.
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Advantages/Disadvantages of modern camera

Film cameras have some advantages over a digital camera, it is able to maintain details in highlights and shadows. Film cameras handle light very well. Digital cameras don't handle light as well as film cameras and light does not look as soft, smooth as it does in a film camera. As well when you crop the image, film photographs look more clear, but digital photographs look blurry. However digital camera don't store pictures on a film, but on electronic memory devices. As well digital cameras are faster and easier to use. You could easily transfer photos from your digital camera to your laptop. However, everybody has their own preference, some people prefer digital to film cameras, but it all depends what you are going to use it for.
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First image is showing where image will zoom in

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Crop from film image

Crop from digital camera image (below)

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Interesting fact about Digital Camera

First digital camera was created in 1975 by Steve Sasson. First camera weighed about 8 pounds and it took almost 25 seconds to create the first digital photograph.


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