Bridges Community School

February 2020

Mark Your Calendars:

Jan. 27 - No School

Jan. 28-31 - MN Paraprofessionals Recognition Week

Jan. 30 - Bridges Showcase 6:00pm-7:30pm

Feb. 5 - National School Counselor's Day

Feb. 5 - Children's Museum of Southern MN (3rd Grade)

Feb. 7 - Bridges Spelling Bee

Feb. 11 - Two Hour Late Start

Feb. 12 - Bridges Lottery

Feb. 14 - North Mankato Taylor Library (3rd Grade)

Feb. 17-18 - No School

Feb. 18 - Regional Spelling Bee

Feb. 25 - Site Council Meeting

Mar. 3 - Bridges Science Fair

Mar. 9 - BAC Meeting

Mar. 10 - Two Hour Late Start

Mar. 11 - Young Writers and Artists Conference (Grades 3-5)

Mar. 13 - No School


*Please note updated lunch times for Second and Fourth Grades

Parents are welcome to eat lunch at any time. Please let the office know by 9:00a.m. on the day that you plan to eat. Lunch for parents and visitors is $3.85. We do not have any cash in the office so please bring correct change. Parents and siblings may not use student pin numbers.

School lunch times:

Kindergarten - Lunch 11:00-11:20 Recess - 11:20-11:40

First Grade - Lunch 11:20-11:40 Recess - 11:40-12:00

Second Grade - Recess - 11:35-11:55 Lunch - 11:55-12:15 (Updated lunch time)

Third Grade - Lunch 11:45-12:05 Recess - 12:05-12:25

Fourth Grade - Lunch 11:35-11:55 Recess - 11:55-12:15 (Updated lunch time)

Fifth Grade - Recess 11:50-12:10 Lunch - 12:10-12:30

Bridges Showcase

Thursday, Jan. 30th, 6-7:30pm

320 Garfield Avenue

North Mankato, MN

6:00-6:30 - Bridges Families Open House

6:30-7:00 - Community Tours

7:00-7:30 - Parent Informational Meeting for new families (Auditorium)

Bridges Spelling Bee

Friday, Feb. 7th, 8:15am

320 Garfield Avenue

North Mankato, MN

The Spelling Bee will take place in the Gymnasium on Friday, February 7th

Winter Weather Information

Winter weather will soon be here. Please remember to send your child in appropriate clothing for outdoor recess. If there is snow on the ground, students must have snow boots, snow pants, a winter coat, a hat and gloves for recess time.

Please know your family plan in case of a weather related early release. School closing and early dismissal notices will be announced on several websites, radio and television stations, or you can call the District HELP Line at (507) 386-4777 for a recorded message.

In the event that school closes early, Bridges will close 15 minutes earlier than the announced time. On early release days due to weather, students should be picked up from their classroom.

Rainy Days and Below Zero Days

Students should enter door 2 on rainy days and below zero days in the morning between 7:35-8:00. They can go to the auditorium where they will have staff supervision until time for school to begin. The main entrance, door 1, will be opened at 7:50am.

Students will remain in their room on rainy days and below zero days until 2:30 pick up. Parents should pick up their children in their classrooms at the end of the day. Bus students will be excused when buses arrive and ACES will be excused at 2:30.

Students will have indoor breaks and recess on rainy days and below zero days.

Morning Arrival:

Business hours for parents are 8:05-2:15 with the back parking lot and security entrance available right off the parking lot, door 3. Students arriving between 7:35 and 8:00 will be allowed in the front entrance, door 1, at 7:50am. Supervision is provided on the playground from 7:35-7:50. Please keep school arrival to 7:35a.m. Students may not be dropped off without parent supervision prior to 7:35. School start time is 7:50a.m. - 8:00a.m. Door 1 off Garfield Avenue is open 7:50a.m. - 8:00a.m. Students arriving after 8:00 should be checked in at the office by a parent. Drop off in the morning can be done on Garfield Ave. avoiding the bus drop off area for incoming buses. Thank you! Your children’s safety is important to us.

After School Pick up:

Students can be picked up by Door 2 off Garfield Avenue. Please avoid parking in the bus loading zone. If you are parking in the back parking lot, please walk around to the front of the school to pick up your child. Do not drive or park on the playground to pick up your child. Please park outside the white line. Overflow parking is available in the parking lot across from the church.


Students arriving for breakfast should enter Door 2 off the playground between 7:35-7:50. All kindergarten students are offered a free breakfast if you would like. Students can stay for breakfast in the cafeteria until 7:50am and will then go to class for the day.

Late Start Days:

Children must be registered in the office to attend late start childcare. All students must be checked in at the lunchroom by a parent between 7:50am-8:30am on late start days. Door #2 off the playground will be open at 7:50am. Children not registered for childcare should be dropped off between 9:45am and 10:00am. Doors will open for the school day at 10:00am. Late start days are Feb. 11, Mar. 10, Apr. 14 and May 12. *Children cannot be dropped off without supervision.


If your child has had a fever or has been vomiting, we ask that you keep them home 24 hours after symptoms are gone without medication. Please call the school office attendance line: 207-5204 if your child is ill. If you let your child’s teacher know through email, please email Holly Holmbo as well at

Head Lice: Please report so the office is aware of it. District Policy states parents are notified if three cases are in one classroom. A request to treat is made by the school nurse. Parents are not mandated to pull their child from school for treatment but it will be advised.

Community Group and All School Meeting:

Community Groups meet every day Monday - Thursday at 8:20-8:35. All School Meeting takes place in the gym on Fridays at 8:05-8:35.

Bridges Science Fair

Tuesday, March 3rd, 7:30am

Bridges Community School Gymnasium

Set up - 7:30am-8:15am

Judging begins at 8:40am

Project viewing and parent visits - 12:45pm-2:10pm

Bridges Community School

320 Garfield Avenue, North Mankato

Phone: 507-387-2800 / Fax: 507-387-3143

Lead Teacher: Robin Courrier

Secretary: Amanda Robinson

Nurse: Holly Holmbo