End of Month HUSTLE!!!

Happy End of Month NEWS

September Goals

Please kindly submit this form asap!!! Thank you. http://goo.gl/forms/RrNm8lH3mZ
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OK HUSTLE TIME......ALL follow up must be done by tonight 1159pm EST to count for August!!

Today is the day!!! We have until 1159pm EST to follow thru all of our August follow ups!!! Make sure to tie up ALL loose ends, get you and your hostesses to that next level!!! PUSH IT!!!!

Here is where we are at.......We are $400 shy of 25K that is all. I know we can do it!!! Also on a bigger note, Shana Cawley has been busting her butt raising proceeds to give to Amanda's Family, her friend who was murdered this past week. She is a few dollars shy of 3K for this month and only 1K shy of 30K in lifetime sales!!! This is HUGE!!!!!! All of her commission is going to the family to fight for custody for the 2 babies left behind. Check out her fundraiser here, she runs a great online pop as always~~~>>>https://www.facebook.com/events/1480537302241106/

I am here ALL day so please let me know how I can help!!! Team, I have FULL confidence that we can do 1K in sales TODAY!!!!!! WHO is committed to keep our team in the top and out of troubled waters???? I am beyond proud of you ALL!!!! Let's DO THIS!!

These POPS are soooo close to the next hostess credit....Secure them NOW!!!!!
Nicole Mitchell Fundraiser 388....grab 400
Dani Hearn Stacy's 199....OMG get 200 girl and Liz's is 182..grab 200 and Back to School is at 350, grab 400
Brittany Rose Florio Anna's 114...grab 200
Amanda Gearhart Lester online pop 312...grab 400
Suzanne Pregmon Vierling photo pop 339 grab 400
Shanna Stewart Paynter Minimal Launch 576 grab 600
Caren Lolley Miller Realty South 1524 grab 1600
Emily Horn Melanie's 399...OMG girl get that to 400 now
Libby Lovelace Britt Beth's is at 316....grab 400
Andrea Zolper Johnson-mm Make it Personal 378...grab 400
Loni Williams Biz Partner 175 grab 200
Jennifer Kozell Jens Pop 168...grab 200

OMG less than $400 to go to hit 25K....THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!! I am not sure how I could ever repay you for your hard work!! This team is seriously the best team ever!!! I heart you all sooooo much!!! So who can put us over the 25K mark by tonight?????? Any takers?? Some of you still have some follow ups to work on. Here is our rundown.......

Caren Lolley Miller 4129....stretch to 4500 for another 50 in credits!!!
Shana Cawley 3296 and almost to 30K in LTS....you know what to do!!
Victoria Lynn Hutson 2041 go for 2200
Amanda Gearhart Lester 1099 go for 1200
Dani Hearn 973 go for 1K
Deanna Fisher 858 go for 1K
Suzanne Pregmon Vierling Brittany Rose Florio Shanna Stewart PaynterLibby Lovelace Britt Morgan Michaela Leigh Long shoot for 800
Victoria Kentner Amanda Le-Roy Felisha Cutchall Landry Nicole MitchellAndrea Zolper Johnson-mm Emily Horn push for 600
Lisa N Kevin Boyette Janna Massey Lewkow Laura Wagg Gasiorek Dawn Gaines Taylor Loni Williams and Ashli Cupples push for 500

Everyone else PUSH for the next increment and make sure to round your pop ups off to the nearest even number......200, 400, 600, 800 and 1K to ensure another credit for your host!!!!

PUSH the $25 promo with $100. Hand out any unused raffle codes to be used TODAY!!!!! I am here if you need me

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National Call Link

IT IS HERE~~~~~>>>> The link to register for tomorrow's National Sales Meeting and a chance to win FREE jewels for attending!!! Register NOW!!!! https://goto.webcasts.com/starthere.jsp?ei=1075416
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