Sem Seussville News

Issue 1 Volume 2, September 4, 2015

What is a PLC?

A Professional Learning Community (PLC) is educators committed to working collaboratively in ongoing process of collective inquiry and action research to achieve better results for the students they serve. Professional Learning Communities operate under the assumption that the key to improved learning for students is continuous, job-embedded learning for educators.

Committees Sign up 15-16

Please stop by my office to sign up for committees. Each staff member is expected to sign up for at least committee. Please sign up for committees by next Friday, September 11th.

In addition, please use the link to vote for CIT Team for this school year by next Friday, Sept. 11th:

Olweus Class Meetings

Each Monday, immediately following announcements each teacher will conduct a class meeting with their homeroom class. If we are not in school on Monday, then the class meeting will be held on Tuesday.

* Next week class meeting will be held on Tuesday, September 8th after announcements.

Staff Shout Outs

Shout Out Purpose: To recognize great things your colleagues are doing and to fill their bucket. Research shows one positive interaction can lift a person’s spirits.

How it works:

1. Get a shout out form from the front office.

2. Fill it out and place it in the Manuel’s mailbox.

3. The Shout will be shared at our Staff Meeting.

4. The shout out will be placed on our Shout Out bragging board.

5. The Shout Outs will be placed in the recipients box after it is taken off the bragging board.

Safe Playgrounds - Proactive Supervision

I can provide a fun and safe playground environment for all students.

Teachers on Recess Duty

1. Presence and attentiveness:

  • Be on time
  • Being on the playground before students start playing
  • Staying in a reasonable proximity to the areas of activity (walking around)
  • Keeping all students easily in sight
  • Not becoming distracted from duties
  • Visually check equipment and playground surfaces for any safety hazards.

Visibility is the key to effective supervision.

2. Student behavior monitoring and intervention:

  • Being knowledgeable of and consistently enforcing playground expectations
  • Restricting students from roughhousing or other inappropriate behavior
  • Intervene immediately and eliminate inappropriate behaviors

Teachers Not on Recess Duty

  1. As soon as recess time has ended, immediately go to the line-up area for your class, so that you can meet them there.
  2. Communicate with your team about reported dangerous happenings on the playground, so that all teachers on your team are aware and know what to watch for.

Communicate recess expectations with your students periodically – reminding, reinforcing, and refocusing as necessary.

Important Information

Staff Meeting Notes

Please take time to review our Staff Meeting Notes from Wednesday, September 2nd using the link below. The notes are also located on the Shared Drive: Teacher: 2015-2016: Staff Meeting Notes folder.

College Week: September 21st - 25th

*Lets show our Alma Mater spirit!!! Decorate your classroom door to show your college spirit! There will be one prize for each POD for the door that shows the most spirit! Special teachers will be grouped in the following POD...Health and Wellness: POD 1, Art & Sandra & Kiki: POD 2, and P.E. & Music: POD 3. The winner will be announced on Wednesday morning during announcements! Doors will need to be decorated by Friday, September 18th.

*Information on dress up days will be coming soon.

Complete the Acknowledge for Campus Guidelines

* The white binder on my round table in my office has all sign off sheets inside.

  • Dress Code
  • Email Guidelines
  • Social Media Guidelines
  • Legal Updates

Emergency Drills

  • Please ensure you practice your emergency procedures with your students multiple times prior to Monday, September 14. On September 14, we will practice all 3 drills as a school including fire drill, bad weather drill, and lockdown drill.
Bus Evacuation Drill
  • Bus Evacuation Drill Day, Wednesday, September 9th:Bus evacuation video must be viewed by students and teachers prior to September 9th. The video is about 18 minutes long, so plan accordingly.
TBSI Modules
  • If you are new to Sem, you will need to complete the TBSI modules and submit your certificate to Ashley Miller by October 15th. Please use the Region 4 link to access these modules. Region 4/ Professional Development/ TBSI (session # 1098115)

Compliance Training

  • Please ensure you are working to complete the required compliance trainings Mr. Gonzales sent out prior to school beginning. These are due October 1st. Use the staff learning hub to access these trainings. / Campus Required Compliance Trainings / Safe Schools. To log in, each person will use his/her email username. A password is not required.
Emergency Evacuation of a School Bus

Hoppin' & Poppin' into the Next Few Weeks...

* Please follow A week for morning duty schedule this week.

Monday, September 7th

  • No School - Labor Day

Tuesday, September 8th

  • SST Meeting 3:15 (Acosta)

Wednesday, September 9th

  • Bus Evacuation Drill - see schedule Tina H. sent out previously
  • Staff Meeting 3:12

Thursday, September 10th

  • Manuel, Ashley, Kristy - Off Campus Professional Development - AM only
  • SST Team Only - Review SST Meeting Roles & Responsibilities

Friday, September 11th

  • Character Awards (RESPECT) after morning announcements
  • Words Walls should be updated; if you needed to space letters out or change letters on word wall
Kid President's Pep Talk to Teachers and Students!