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This chrome app allows you to have easy access to organized assessment tools. All assessments can be stored in the same place and distributed in different formats. It uses result aggregation and visualization to distribute marks. Students are able to have immediate feedback after taking a quiz and in doing so Socrative stays sleek and easy to use. I highly recommend this app as an educator.
Socrative Tutorial: Getting Started


This app focuses on how text cannot replace a persons expression of their opinion. People and communication is at the forefront of their Voicethread's purpose. It does not limit the conversation to just your classroom (unless this is what is desired) but allows others to join in and give different and possibly more informed perspectives to learn from. The app itself is a discussion board that you can add voice, audio files or video comments to. You can securely have a group discussion and draw while you're talking in order to explain better.

Opposing Viewpoints in Context

This is a cross-curricular tool that incorporates currents events in order to facilitate a conversation. The app presents different and opposing views on a subject in order to get students thinking about the subject in its entirety. This tool helps develop critical thinking skills as well as information literacy. It uses multiple forms of media to engage learners and legitimate articles and federal agencies informing their discussion topics.
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This app is extremely good for students who are learning another language. It is completely free and has courses in Spanish, Portugese, French, English, Italian and German etc. totalling 54 different language learning options. It has written lessons, diction and speaking practice in which you gain experience points and move on to more difficult lessons. It is the cream of the crop when it comes to language learning apps.


Thousands of math and science concepts are stored here for self paced learning. Content is searchable and any user can add different forms of media to the lesson page. Flash cards, peer learning, exams and quizzes, video lectures and text are some of the ways that the program facilitates learning. Check out how to use CK-12 here.