Daniel's Story Mosaic

A quote from Daniel:

"I knew I was no different from them, and yet sometimes I wonder."
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Some of the story took place in Auschwitz, a concentration camp during WWII.


A Nazi concentration camp prisoner who was given privileges in return for supervising prisoner work gangs: often a common criminal and frequently brutal to fellow inmates.
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Carol Matas is the author of Dainel's Story.
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Another main character in the book.


"And I vowed that if they came for us, I would be shot fighting too."
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Daniel describing his sister Erika:

"She was so thin, she couldn't have weighed more than 50 pounds. But her face had that particular spiritual glow that I knew so well..."


A mass crematory center.


The rebellion at Buchenwald gave them their freedom.
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Conflict: Internal

I think the biggest conflict for Daniel was internal; staying alive and surviving everything that has happened when he could end his life at almost any moment if he stopped trying.

Conflict: External

An external conflict for Daniel would be him forced to go to concentration camps and being treated horribly by the Nazis.

Important Item

An important item to Daniel was also his photo album, which he had to leave behind, but continued using his mind as one.
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Daniel met a lot of important characters in Lodz, a Jewish ghetto, as well as main points in the story took place here.


"I realized that this march would kill most of us, that the escape from the gas chambers was not necessarily an escape from brutal death."
The Documentary - Auschwitz The Forgotten Evidence History


If I had to choose, I'd say Daniel's closest friend through all of this would have to be Peter.

"Everyone who could crowded around, and somehow the past memory of past suffering and the fact that our ancestors survived it, gave us courage to try to survive our present suffering."-Daniel

Holocaust Survivor Irving Roth Revisits Auschwitz

Related books

If you liked Daniel's Story, then you may also enjoy Malka, a story of a real girl who was all alone during this time period at about age 7. She fought for survival, but has a lot of tough times, especially at such a young age.


To mislead or mind the judgement of; deceive.
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The beginning of the story took place in Frankfurt, Germany, where they lived before the Holocaust.


I think if you have enough courage and will power you can survive anything.

"Oh God help us, what is happening?"-Daniel

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