Tech Tips

Fall 2016

I hope that some of these tips look familiar to you. I wanted to remind of you of them and highlight some different features.

  • Kahoot! Online game you can create to review a topic
  • Quizalize This is similar to Kahoot!
  • Plickers! Students don't need devices. You can find out immediately which students understand or know the correct answer just by scanning your iPad or phone around the room.
  • Padlet Digital bulletin board that students can add to using any device. It is great if you are having a discussion on a topic or want to students to share examples.

Formative: Online Assessments, Classwork & Homework

  • Formative allows you to drag in pdf or word documents.
  • Assign to students, get live results and send instant feedback.
  • Students can type, show their work by drawing or add images.


  • Epic! is a free online source of books that can be displayed on the SmartBoard.
  • Students can also view books on their own devices.
  • It has a collection of fiction and nonfiction books.
  • Some of the books offer a feature where it reads to them.
  • Teachers can create their own library of their favorites.
  • You can assign books to individual students and even make quiz questions for the book. The quiz could be done whole group or to certain individuals.

SeeSaw is a parent favorite.

SeeSaw is a free digital portfolio. It is super easy to do. You can include images, videos, and files. It can be done with one iPad very easily. It would be great for PreK and up. It can be as simple as sharing pictures from a field trip, a video of a presentation, or a collection of their writing through the year. It is completely private. Each parent only gets access to their child's portfolio. SeeSaw is an app you all need to check out.

I'm here to help!!!

I would love to help you integrate more technology with your students.

Elise Festvog

Armstrong Tech Coach