Educator Expo!

High School South

1/25/16 Professional Development Faculty Meeting

For our faculty meeting on Monday, January 25th, we will be having an Educator Expo!

This fun and productive professional development event is organized much like a science fair...there will be teachers sharing out resources and other educational ideas at various tables around the space. There is no set amount of time that anyone has to spend at one space, nor does everyone have to visit every table during the hour (though that is, of course, encouraged!).

We'll be spending the hour learning from and with each other!

Educator Expo!

Monday, Jan. 25th, 3pm

HSS Commons

What can you share?

  • Something awesome that you do in your class!
  • Examples of student work.
  • Examples of a student project -- maybe something that speaks to one or more of the 21st Century Competencies.
  • A book or article you read and want to pass along. (bring a copy or share the URL)
  • An inspiring or motivation video clip -- to discuss in a small group.
  • An app you like to use.
  • How you are using technology resources in your class.
  • Ask a question and discuss with colleagues as they visit your table.
  • Something that you are just getting started using and are excited about.


  • Consider signing up to share with a partner so that at any time one of you can be at your table and the other can be walking around seeing all the other awesome stuff!
  • Ask your students to help you present -- students will love to come share out the work they are doing in your class!
  • Don't feel you need to be an expert in what you share -- even just passing along a recommendation is a great thing to share out!