Mangum Family News

January 29, 2016


This week we worked on punctuation. We introduced the exclamation mark, question mark, quotation marks, and reviewed the period. We read lots of fun books to help us practice recognizing punctuation.

We read:

  • Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed
  • Where Does the Brown Bear Go?
  • I Was Walking Down the Street
  • Who's in the Shed?

During daily news, we really focused on using different punctuation. We practiced writing quotation marks. We wrote exciting sentences and even asked questions. We are now working to apply this to our journal writing.


This week we have been learning about the farm! We learned some new vocabulary like: agriculture, tedder, front loader, and poultry. We learned about different types of farmers. Looked at the different tools farms use to run the farm. We talked about the different places on a farm such as barn, silo, or pasture. We also started learning about some different animals that live on the farm. The children voted for what they wanted to learn about in-depthly. They decided to research different animals on the farm. We will start researching next week and narrow it down to a few animals on the farm.


We have had lots of fun in centers this week!

On Tuesday we opened our bookstore. The children have been writing books to sell. For every book they wrote, the children earned pennies. They were then able to use their money to purchase books in the bookstore. They are loving being up to produce a product and buy something!

There has been lots of interesting in shoe tying in kindergarten, so they asked to open a shoe tying center. The children have been working together to teach each other how to tie shoes.

During centers, this week we did a self-assessment on our journals. I worked with the children to look at their journals. On the rubric we put a smiley face for what they were doing well. We placed a straight face for what they needed to work on. The children are using these rubrics when writing in their journal to help them advance their writing. Ask your child what they are working on.

100th Day Fun

It is so hard to believe that it is the 100th day of school!!!

We did lots of different activities to celebrate!

  • We made a hundreds day hat! We put 10 strips on our hat. On each strip we put 10 dots so that our hat had 100 dots.
  • We filled in a 100 day book to show 100 things we have learned, we wrote sight words, uppercase letters, lowercase letters, number, etc.
  • We counted out a 100 fruit loops to make a necklace.
  • We ate a special 100 breakfast :)
  • We made a trail mix using 100 ingredients.
  • We weighed our 100 collections to see whose was the heaviest and whose was the lightest.
  • We did lots of other activities. Check out private Facebook page for pictures of all the fun!


  • Your amazing little person's January journal is coming home today! Please take the time to read and celebrate all their work! Journals are due back February 5th.
  • We are opening an engineering/'take apart' center. If you have any old electronics (printers, VCRS, DVD players, etc.) we would love them. (the power cords will be cut off of each electronic before the children are allowed to take them apart.)
  • If you have not yet been able to access our class private Facebook group (this is different from the Pike Road Page) please email me.

Upcoming Dates:

  • February 5: Group Picture Day
  • February 5: Journals due back
  • February 6: Valentine Boxes Due
  • February 11: Valentines Due
  • February 15: Professional Learning Day (No School for students)
  • February 17: Scholastic Book Orders due