JFK Space Race Timeline

By: Clark

JFK's decision to join the Space Race

On September 12, 1962 president John F. Kennedy made the decision that America was going to continue in the space race through his "Moon Speech". Kennedy's speech was made at the football stadium at Rice University. Kennedy did this because he thought it would help our country and the world, and it definitely did.
John F. Kennedy Moon Speech (1962)

JFK helped the U.S. make big steps in the Space Race

Even though JFK's life was ended short because he was assassinated, he helped the U.S. do so many things to keep themselves in the space race. Some of the were:

Alan B. Shepard became the first American in space,
John Glenn orbited the Earth three times,
Mariner 2 flew past Venus and entered solar orbit, and that
L. Gordon Cooper spent 34 hours in space becoming the last American to fly alone in space. Unfortunately, JFK was assassinated on November 22, 1963 before he could contribute more to the space race.


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