Malcolm X

A Great Leader

About Malcolm X

Malcolm X was an African-American Muslim Minister and humans rights activists. He was born on May 19 1925 and assassinated on February 25 1965. He advocated the rights of blacks during the 1950's and 60's. Malcolm X challenged the mainstream civil rights movement and the nonviolent pursuit championed by Martin Luther King Jr. He urged his followers to defend themselves against white aggression "by any means necessary"

Courage is not the absence of fear- it's inspiring others

Malcolm X fought for the rights of blacks,he stood up to the whites and challenged the mainstream civil rights movement when nobody else dared to. Due largely to his efforts The Nation Of Islam organization grew from a mere 400 members when Malcolm X was in prison to 40,000 by 1960's at the perks of the civil rights movement . Malcolm X did not fear giving speeches, despite the death threats he had revived he still scheduled a speech which he was then fatally shot on stage. Because of Malcolm X his wife later became a prominent civil rights and human rights activist , inspiring hers and thousands more.
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Nothing is Black or White

Malcolm X travelled the world and during this time he clarified his own beliefs . He decided to look on people as individuals . He stopped looking on all whites as enemies. He went our publicly saying he would work with groups headed by whites as long as they were sincere about helping blacks. Even though the Islam organization Malcolm was in preached whites as enemies to blacks , Malcolm X later said that seeing Muslims of " all colours, from blue-eyes blonds to black skinned Africans" interacting as equals led him to see Islam as a means by with racial problems could be overcomes.

Quitting is leading too

In 1963 at the heights of the civil rights movement , Malcolm X learned that his mentor and leader and leader Elijah Muhammad was secretly having relations with as many as 6 women In the Nation of Islam organization. Malcolm X found out that these relationships resulted in children. Unable to look past Muhammad's deception , Malcolm decides to terminate his relationship with the Nation Of Islam organization and found his own religious organization, The Muslim Mosque. Malcolm X felt that the NOI was too passive as an organization and thy were waiting for change to happen instead of trying to force the change . After leaving the group he felt guilty for leading masses to join the NOI, he felt that the group was a fraudulent organization. He found that starting his own organization he can create change for the people while practising his religion to other people.
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