Georgia: The Southern Shield

Where debts are cleared.

A Friend In Need

Georgia is the colony that helps others. Because the Spaniards occupied Florida, South Carolina was exposed. James Oglethorpe seized the opportunity to benefit the poor people in Europe by bringing them over for labor.

What's It Like Down South?

The geography is generally uniform. There is an abundance of forests that allow the harvesting of wood as well as the potential land for plantations and towns. Furthermore, Georgia has a coast allowing ports for trading and more. Cash crops such as cotton and tobacco are rapidly traded and produced causing a flourishing economy here in Georgia.

Pictures Of Georgia

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does Georgia have to offer in terms of jobs?

A: Georgia is the place to go in colonial times. Job opportunities are endless as people are needed to grow cash crops, manage the ports, and guard the border between Florida and Georgia.

Q: What are some achievements in Georgia?

A: It is one of the Southern colonies which has the largest slave population to grow crash crops. There is religious tolerance. Finally, it has the military prowess (due to Florida) that comfort residents in case security is an issue.

This Is Georgia: We Welcome You

Disclaimer: I do not support slavery in any way. I used it as a point to describe Georgia as a colony.