The US and Canada

Economic, Social and Political Connections


The economies of The United States and Canada are very connected. The trade between the two countries produces $2 billion a day. Canada supplies a lot of The U.S.'s energy. The U.S. and Canada share a treaty called the North American Free Trade Agreement. Both countries share an electricity grid.

The countries of The U.S. and Canada's economies rely heavily on each other. Without the other, both country's economies would be substantially worse. A lot of money is put into both economies by trade between the countries. The amounts of energy in both countries also depend on each other.


The people of The U.S. and Canada are very mush alike. 75% of the population of both countries are White/European. Most of the people in both countries speak English. People often go back and forth from both countries. Over 300,000 people cross the border everyday. The popular cultures of both The U.S. and Canada are very similar. The people of Canada and The U.S. get along very well. Polls show that Canada is the most popular foreign country in The U.S.

The people of The U.S. and Canada are different yet very similar. They mainly speak the same language which is a big factor of culture. The popular culture is very similar in both countries meaning that they do a lot of the same things we do. Lots of people cross the border everyday which spreads culture and ideas.


The political aspects of The U.S. and Canada are very similar. Both countries have a constitution which regulates their country. Both governments consist of three branches. The highest branch is the executive branch. The second branch consists of a house of representatives/commons and a senate. The third branch is the judicial branch. Government power in both countries is shared between the federal and state/territorial governments. The U.S. and Canada share an organization called the North Atlantic Trade Organization.

The governments of The U.S. and Canada are very similar with the three branches and representatives. The defense programs are also closely linked. They work together to protect both countries. The separation of power in both countries is one thing that connects them a lot.