cnidarians, segmented worms, Echinoderms


.Cnidarians are a phylum made up of over 10,000 species

.live in water

.able to sting prey

.Tentacles that used for catching prey

.waste leaves through mouth

.no organs, cells organized instead of tissues, outer layer is protection and inner layer is .used for digestion

.live in water

.radial symmetry

.Polyp or Medusa Form

.reproduce sexually and asexually

segmented worms

.body made up of connected segments

.circulatory system - 5 enlarged tubes that act like hearts

.nervous system - brain and main nerve

.breath through skin

.two sets of muscles that allow it to move

.takes in food through mouth

.reproduce sexually


.Interval skeletons and spines

.live only in the ocean

.get oxygen from seawater

.most adults appear to have radial symmetry

.spiny skin


.no head or brain

.tube feet