A Peek at Our Week

Mrs. Janich's 1st Grade

Notes from the Teacher

Important Dates and Notes

4-5 Report cards online

4-15 Children's Theater Field Trip- Winnie the Pooh

4-20 McTeacher Night 4:00pm

4-22 Grandparents Day

4-29 Falcon Frenzy

5-5 Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast

5-18 to 5-20 Spring Book Fair

5-19 Ice cream social/year book signing

5-20 Falcon Frenzy

5-30 No School- Memorial Day

5-31 All School Walk

6-2 Last Day of School- Field Day & Awards


Unit 7- Using Inferences to Make Predictions

We will continue Unit 7 into next week. Readers make educated guesses, or predictions, about what will happen next in a story by using clues (fiction) and evidence (nonfiction) and what they know. Making predictions helps readers make sense of a text and build interest as they read. Making predictions encourages readers to keep reading to find out if what they think, or predict, will happen does happen.


Unit 6- Story Problems for Basic Addition & Subtraction

Unit 6, with its dual focus on penguins and fact strategies to 20, opens with a review of the ten-frame and double ten-frame, presented in the form of penguins standing on ice ledges. Students count and write addition statements to represent the penguins, using 5 and 10 as landmark numbers. This activity segues into a flash and write game with the Double Ten-Frame Five-Wise Display Cards.

Spelling Words

Variant Vowel ar

1. park

2. smart

3. card

4. spark

5. charm

6. yard