Monday Minutes

March 2, 2015

Sawnee Wants You! Interested in EIP or EL?

Sawnee is looking for a new EIP and a new EL teacher for the 15-16 school year. See Robyn G if you are interested in interviewing for one of these positions.

Be prepared to discuss the following interview topics:

1. Discuss how you would support the development of emergent and early readers

2. Strategies for building a strong number sense foundation
3. Share your experience with implementing Number Talks

4. RTI process


1. Discuss how you would support language acquisition in early learners

2. Strategies for helping teachers better meet the needs of our EL students
3. Share an innovative idea for supporting EL families
4. RTI process

Honesty is the Best Policy!

We understand that getting here by 7:30 can be difficult at times. If you are running late and are not here at 7:30, please be sure you reflect this on your time sheet.

TKES Student Surveys

We will begin TKES student surveys this week for grades 3-5. Surveys will take place with week and next. Thank you for your flexibility in working with Betsy to complete these surveys.

Great Thanks to our Leadership Team...

Much thanks to all of you who spent Saturday speaking with prospective teaching candidates. We have some excellent teachers interesting in coming to Sawnee!

* Leadership Team will meet to discuss top candidates...but we are rescheduling our meeting that is planned for this week. Stay tuned for a new date.

Staff Spring Celebration

Our holiday celebration has turned into a spring celebration. We hope to see you at Stars and Strikes on Thursday, March 26th from 4:30-6:30 for food and conversation.