Battles of Texas Revolution

Caleb Cleaveland

Battle of Gonzales

  1. Gonzales on October 2, 1835
    Texas: Colonel John H. Moore
    1. Battle was confidence boost for Texas
    2. Made many Texas colonists more enthusiastic about fighting
    3. Mexicans thought Texas's refusal was an action of war
    4.Texans continued march to San Antonio and developed the flag of
    " come and get it".

Battle of San Jacinto

San Jacinto:
On April 20-21, 1836
Texas: Sam Houston
Mexico: Santa Anna
Who Died-
Mexican losses:
630 killed, 730 prisoners including Santa Anna. Fewer than 10 Texans were killed or fatally wounded; 30 others were injured (including Houston).
Reason for fighting-
Following the fall of the Alamo and the defeats in South Texas, General Houston decided to retreat eastward from San Antonio.Gen. Cos' forces arrived early in the morning of April 21 at San Jacinto.
Number of men: TX-750 MX-1500+
Houston sent Deaf Smith and Henry Karnes to destroy Vince's Bridge, cutting off the only escape route for the Texans and the Mexicans.
After delaying his decision, Houston finally gives the orders to attack at 3:30, catching the resting Mex by surprise! Chaos by the Mex resulted in only an 18 minute resistance.

Victor- Texas

What was the ratio of men of the two sided?

Battle of Goliad

Battle of Goliad:
Thirty minute battle on October 9, 1835
Texas:George Collinsworth and Ben Milam
Mexico: 25 Mexican defenders
Who died-
One Mexican soldier
Reason for Battle-
Force of 50 Texans attacked the Mexican troops at Goliad and forced them to surrender
1.Texians confiscated $10,000 worth of provisions and several cannons
2. Mexians lost supplies and communication with Copano Bay, the closest port to Béxar

The Grass Fight

The Grass Fight:
Misunderstanding of Texans on November 26, 1835
Texas: Erastus (Deaf) Smith
Mexico: Mexican mule handlers
Who Died-
Nobody: it was just a small skirmish
Reason for Battle-
Deaf smith thought a Mexican train was carrying silver, but it really only contained grass for the mules. Mexicans became defensive of Train.Resulted in the capture of horses and hay (grass)

Battle of San Antonio

Battle of San Antonio:
Also known as the (Siege of Bexar)
October 12-December 10, 1835
Texas: Edward Burleson, Frank Johnson,Ben Milam
Mexico: General Cos
Who Died-
A few Mexican soldiers
Reason for Battle-
Texas wanted to gain back San Antonio
1. Cos gave Texas all supplies and property in San Antonio
2. Cos agreed to never oppose the Constitution of 1824 or fight in TX again
3. Texas now controlled Goliad and the Alamo
4. Texas Army spread throughout the state: 104 men at San Antonio; 400 men at Goliad; 50-80 men in South Texas; Houston at Gonzales raising permanent army
5.Many Tx. volunteers wanted to go home after the San Antonio victory
6. Led into the Battle of the Alamo

Victor- Texas

Who controlled Bexar at the end

Battle of the Alamo

Battle of the Alamo:
Lasted through February 23-March 6, 1836
Texas: William B. Travis and James Bowie
Mexico: General Santa Anna
Who Died-
Many Mexican Professional soldiers
Reason for Battle-
Santa Anna was determined to retake San Antonio away from Texas and put upon the Texans the significance and to Mexican rules' override
1. The Mexican forces launched a two week attack on the 145 Texans who took refuge in old Alamo mission.
2. Santa Anna lost many professional soldiers
3. Mexican army march to the east was delayed for 2 weeks and made Texans more determined to win independence because of the Alamo stand
4. Encouraged U.S. to help Texans (people and money), and allowed Houston's army time to organize

Victor- Texas