Holy Cow!

Milk in cookies make you lose weight fast

FDA Study

A new study from the FDA showed that through several tests and experiments, an enzyme has been found in the milk that is used to make cookies that burns calories the more you eat. The milk, when mixed with the other cookie ingredients, acts as a counter-calorie that drops pounds off your body. The FDA made an announcement yesterday showing their results on this study and proving how this works. They have said that eating more cookies will help you lose that extra weight.

No Water Means No Flour

Walmart's Remark

There was a drought in Iowa causing most of the wheat to die off. The farmers are taking drastic measures to produce more wheat, but for now what they have is all that is left. This has caused the price of all flour to increase. More information of how long this will last will come later.

Pay Raise for Everyone!!

HEB's Market

Nestle Toll House cookies have had an increase in demand over HEB brand Chocolate chip cookies. Everyone's paychecks have come in and they have received a raise causing everyone to want brand name cookies instead of store brand cookies. This has had a drastic effect on our foods.

Consumers Are Coming, Consumers Are Coming!

The Friendswood Journal

According to the local news, 1,835 people are moving from San Antonio to Friendswood. The local stores are having weekend sales to entice the new people to buy from them. Cookie sales are off the charts and are drawing a lot of attention.

Future Cost to Rise for Cookies

Houston Chronicle

Our sources informed us recently that all cookie prices are set to be raised in 2017. This is caused because of the price of flour. Many people who have heard this are running to the stores to buy extra cookies to save for the near future.