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October 15, 2021 Edition 5

Rene Klaus - College & Career Specialist

Make an appointment with Mrs. Klaus at: to talk about current college applications, future college / career planning, resources available to our students, or just to hang out. I look forward to meeting you all and helping in anyway I can.

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Thank you to many of you for attending the CUHSD Virtual College Fair. Over 800 families throughout CUHSD attended! We hope that you enjoyed it, learned a lot and made some connections. There are still many college visits coming up during the remainder of October and into November. Don't miss out on those and make sure to signup for the upcoming events. There is a lot going on for Senior parents this week so make sure to check out those dates and links below. Homecoming Week was very eventful this week so hopefully everyone had some fun. I'm looking forward to getting the Seniors through these college applications for the California Public schools. Have a wonderful October!

Upcoming events

College Visits - Sign up on Naviance

Here are the scheduled visits for September. Click HERE for the complete up to date list.

Virtual visits can be attended either in the Westmont Library or from a teachers room during study hall on your computer using headphones. Here are directions for signing up on Naviance.

10/18 @10:10am - Lewis and Clark College, VIRTUAL visit. Join at this LINK

10/18 @12:25pm - Illinois Institute of Technology, VIRTUAL visit. Join at this LINK

10/19 @10:10am - Campbell Police Department Explorers Program, in the Library

10/19 @12:25pm - Seattle University, VIRTUAL visit. Join at this LINK

10/20 @2pm - CSU Application Workshop for Seniors in the Library

10/20 @6:30pm - Senior Parent & Financial Aid Night. Check email for link.

10/20 @7:00pm - Spanish Speakers Senior Financial Aid Night. Check email for link.

10/21 @2pm - UC Application Workshop for Seniors in the Library

10/22 @12:00pm -Carnegie Mellon University VIRTUAL visit. Join at this LINK

10/22 @12:25pm - Purdue University, VIRTUAL visit in the Library

10/26 @ 10:10am - Albion College, IN PERSON visit. Join at this LINK

10/26 @ 4-6pm - Cash 4 College Workshop (FAFSA or CADAA) drop in. Register at this LINK

10/26 @12:25pm - Chapman University VIRTUAL visit. Register at this LINK

10/27 @10:10am - University of San Francisco, IN PERSON visit in the Library.

10/27 @12:25pm - Northern Arizona University, VIRTUAL visit. Join at this LINK.

10/28 @10:10am - University of Redlands, IN PERSON visit in the Library.

10/29 @10:10am - University of Connecticut, VIRTUAL visit. Join at this LINK.

10/29 @12:25pm - Champlain University, Vermont, VIRTUAL visit. Join at this LINK.

UC Night - 19th 4:30-5:30pm

This year most of the UCs are doing virtual visits with high schools. The following two dates provide a great opportunity to learn about the different UC campuses. I highly encourage students to attend, especially seniors and juniors.

October 19th - Meet the UC's: Berkeley, Merced, Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz & San Diego

October 19, 2021

4:00 – 5:00pm Pacific Time


Participating Campuses -

UC Berkeley

UC Merced

UC Santa Barbara

UC Santa Cruz

UC San Diego

College Information Sessions from All Over, Virtual and In Person

10/24, 11/2 (Art & STEM), & 11/14 - NACAC College Fairs: Virtual College Fairs with over 600 Colleges represented. Register for these fairs at then login from your phone or computer on the dates that interest you.

AP Exams for 2022 - Deadline to pay Extended to October 19th on student webstore

If you are taking an AP class you should have received a letter both in the mail and in your email via Parent Square. You should have joined your AP sections on already, but if you haven't PLEASE DO IT NOW even if you aren't sure if you'll be taking the exam.

The Westmont webstore is now open for payment for your AP Exams. Here is the link to the webstore: If you have trouble on the webstore, please bring a check for the Exam fees to Student Services. The cost is $98 per exam unless you qualify for a reduced fee. If you qualify for a reduced fee, you should have received a letter with directions for how to pay for your exams. Below is the AP Exam Schedule for Westmont.

Big picture

Homework Center - Tuesday, Thursday After School in the Library

Please come and ask for help from the teachers. They are waiting to assist you, but you need to ask for help.

Grade Level Specific Information

Senior Parent Meeting and Financial Aid Information

October 20th 6-7pm is virtual Senior Parent Night. Counselors will be reviewing for the parents the presentations given to the seniors on October 11th and 12th in their English classes.

October 20th 7-8:30pm following the Senior Parent Presentation will be a Financial Aid Presentation given by a Financial Aid Officer from West Valley College. She will cover all types of Financial Aid and how to apply for it.

Both of these presentations will be in a Webinar format at the same link. The same presentations will also be offered in Spanish via zoom at the same time using a different link.

October 20th 6-8pm Spanish Financial Aid & Parent Night.


Cash for College Virtual Workshop 10/26 4-6pm

October 26th 4-6pm is our Cash for College Workshop via Zoom where you can one on one help filling out your FAFSA or CADAA. There will be many representatives to help and you can drop in with a question and leave when you are done. Assistance will be given in individual breakout rooms. There will be Spanish speaking representatives. Register for this at this LINK.


Hopefully you have started your College Application process if you are planning to go directly to a 4 year university. If you've been following along, you should be in Phase 4, Implementation right now. If you need help with the UC or CSU Applications, please come to the workshops this coming week on Oct 20th and 21st. If you are just getting started, check out the Senior Checklist in the section below. In Phase 4 you should be:

  • Filling out your applications
  • Requesting transcripts (if you didn't already request a LOR from a counselor)
  • Requesting any SAT/ACT scores if you took them (most schools are test optional this year)
  • Completing your Financial Aid application
  • Submitting your applications BEFORE the deadline.

Senior Check list for College Applications


Some of you chose to take the PSAT/NMSQT on October 13th and I hope you all did well. You should now be focusing on making sure you are doing well in your classes. Junior year can bring difficult schedules and many of you have multiple AP classes to study for. This year and last year are the most important years for your transcript in regards to showing that you're challenging yourself academically. It's also a good time to learn about colleges that you might be interested in. I know everyone is tired of "virtual events", but there are still some in -person college visits coming up in the next few weeks. You should take some time during a study hall and join us in the Library at one of the upcoming visits. You might just learn something interesting about a college you've never heard of before.


You survived your first attempt at that dreaded PSAT on Wednesday October 13th and now you know what to expect from those dreaded standardized tests. Congratulations! When the test results are in we will have a virtual presentation on how to read your score report. This will be December 14th. Watch here for more information on this later issues.

Hopefully you are learning your way around Westmont and getting involved in some clubs to find out what you like to do and are good at. Keep up with your school work because this year is important if you are planning to go to college. If you are having any difficulties with any classes make sure to go to your teachers study hall and tell them you need help. Now is the time to speak up. Don't wait until you get your first D or F. Act now to avoid those grades.

If you are thinking about what you should be doing now in regards to college, check out the College App & Admissions Timeline from the College Essay Guy and see what you should be doing to stay on track.


You now have your first HOMECOMING WEEK under your belt and hopefully you had a great time participating in all of the fun events. Make sure to check out a football game and a dance. You might also be wondering about what you are good at or what special skills you have. Try taking this Big Five Personality Test and see what personality traits are strongest in you. This is one of those tests with no wrong answers. If you are bored of Netflix try checking out some of the interview clips on Naviance's Road Trip Nation. This is one of my favorite things to binge watch. Give it a try and get exposed to some careers you've never heard of before.


2021-2022 Scholarships Spreadsheet

See this scholarship spreadsheet for a complete list of scholarships. This spreadsheet has tabs at the bottom for each month. Click on August or September and see what scholarships are due during the next 2 months. You might be eligible to apply! There are many for seniors only but there are some contests open to all grades so check them out!

Voice of Democracy Scholarship: $1000-$16000 is open to students in grades 9-12 by the Oct. 31 deadline. Students submit an essay and 3-5 minute recording of themselves reading their essay on the topic "Is this the Country the Founders Envisioned?" For more information go to:

ELKS "Most Valuable Student" Scholarship: $500-$50,00 Seniors who have high GPA, leadership experience and are US citizens should apply by November 15th. For more information go to

Juno, a company that can help you get money cheaper

Cost of College: For information about how to lessen the college debt, check out the partnership between our Inventavation Club and Juno, a company started by a group of millennials from Harvard University who realized young people were drowning in student debt and wanted to do something about it.

They realized that if they got a bunch of people together, they could use the power of group buying (similar to a Groupon or to negotiate a better deal for everyone. They’ve done it successfully for three years now and opened up the negotiation group to anyone who’s interested.
Anyone who wants to join can do so on their website. It takes 2 minutes and just needs some basic info. It’s also totally free and there’s no commitment to take any of their deals. It’s just another option on the table for saving money. Just to name a few things you'll find are interest rate discounts for undergrads and grads, 0.25% rate discount for refinance and up to $2,000 signing bonus for people who refinance.
They also have several scholarships including a monthly one for $1,000 that can be applied to current tuition or towards your existing loans if you already have some. On their website, you can explore multiple other scholarships.
If you’re interested, you can sign-up here:

Klaus's Kernels

So MANY COLLEGE VISITS are happening now. The in Person visits are the best. If you haven't been to one, signup for one this month. They will be over in early November. Here are some FUN FACTS from some of the visits this past month.

Mount Saint Mary's University in Los Angeles has a campus called Doheny which is west of downtown. The Doheny Mansion on this campus has appeared in numerous motion pictures and television series throughout the years. One that was pointed out to me was "The Princes Diaries". They also have a Direct Entry for Nursing so if you want to be a nurse, check them out.

University of Arizona's mascot is the Wildcat, but their motto is "Bear Down". This started in 1926 when their student body president and varsity quarterback, John "Button" Salmon, was critically injured in a car accident. Just before his passing he shared a message with his coach to pass on to the team which was "Tell them... tell the team to bear down" It remains their most enduring tradition and battle cry.

University of Nevada, Reno has the largest earthquake lab in the country. In fact, they can simulate live earthquakes and shake the campus! If you want to be an Engineer of any kind, I recommend adding this to your college list. It's close and the price is close to that of the UCs and much more reasonable to get admitted to.

Saint Mary's College in Moraga near Berkeley, had a baseball player who is now a pitcher for the LA Dodgers, Tony Gonsolin.

Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ was in the first every college football game against Princeton. This was over 200 years ago, and Rutgers won that game!

Drexel University in Philadelphia graduated 2 students who went on to create the Barcode which is used on just about everything you purchase in a store now.

Opportunities / Jobs / Volunteering / Help

Billy Jones Wildcat Railroad - Now Hiring

The Billy Jones Wildcat Railroad at Oak Meadow Park in Los Gatos is looking to fill part time postions. Perfect for students. Excellent job training. Flexible hours. Work Outdoors. Work with kids.

Call (408) 395-7433 for more information.

Wirlix Internship

Wirlix Internship

Wirlix is a social media company that is looking for people to basically test our app. . We are looking for high schoolers to sign up. This is an official internship that you can put on your college application. It is a good experience and is especially good for learning about argumentative speech and debate.

Lockheed Martin’s Engineering Exploring - 10/27 @6pm virtual meeting

Youth age 14-20 are invited to Lockheed Martin’s Engineering Exploring Meeting Oct 27, 2021 6 PM

Register in advance for this meeting:

Get involved by contacting Exploring Executive

Check out our website at

Exploring events are at

UC Davis Women in Business Seminars

High School Outreach Program - Hosted By UC Davis' Davis Women In Business

Workshop Overview:

  • Workshop 1: All Things College - October 28th, Thursday 7:00-7:45pm

  • Workshop 2: Career Exploration - November 18th, Thursday 7:00-7:45pm

  • Workshop 3: Professionalism and Networking - December 2nd, Thursday 7:00-7:45pm

  • Workshop 4: Interview Prep - January 6th, Thursday 7:00-7:45pm

  • Workshop 5: Resume 101 - January 27th, Thursday 7:00-7:45pm

  • Workshop 6: Self Care - February 17th, Thursday 7:00-7:45pm

  • Workshop 7: Investments and Budgeting - March 10th, Thursday 7:00-7:45pm

  • Workshop 8: Leadership - March 31st, Thursday 7:00-7:45pm

We ask all students who are interested in the program to fill out this registration form:


STEMpower is a high school student-led volunteer organization based in the Bay Area with a mission to inspire the next generation of creative thinkers to be interested in STEM fields through engaging workshops and content. We are looking for 2-3 Blog Writers and 1-2 Outreach Team Members to help this organization. Applications are open for any interested students. For more information and the link to the application, look HERE.

Cabin Leader for YMCA Outdoor Science School

Students 16 years or older needed for Cabin Leaders at Camp Campbell. Get 87 community service hours while leading 5ht and 6th grade students at camp. Check out the FLYER for more information.

Need Academic Help? Check out Grizzly Tutoring

Grizzly Tutors offers bay area students online one-to-one tutoring from UC Berkeley undergrads. Whether your student needs help in a specific class, someone to help them stay on top of their homework, SAT/ACT prep, or guidance to get into a top-tier school like UC Berkeley, our tutors are perfectly placed to assist them.

On average, our tutors raise CUHSD students’ grades by over one full letter grade, or maintain them at a strong A.

Visit the website now for a discount!


College Spotlight

University of Minnesota - Twin Cities by Heather Tran

Set in the booming city of Minneapolis this University is home to a diverse student body. Since its founding it has grown to become a very distinguished public research university. Some notable alumni include Walter Mondale, the 42nd Vice President of the US, and Bobby Bell, a Hall of Fame football player. Two of its alumni Norman Borlaug and Melvin Calvin have Nobel Peace Prizes for helping the environment and making advancements in chemistry.

The University of Minnesota is home to a great study abroad program. Students can apply for exchange programs with partners in places like Iceland and Japan. There are experiential seminars with options like South Africa and Ghana. Also, students don’t need to wait for their junior year and can do it as a first-year learner.

The school is home to many Division I sports teams for both men and women sports. They have over 675 student-athletes in over 25 sports. More recently four athletes went to Tokyo for the 2020 Paralympics and brought home two gold and three silver medals.

Quick Stats:

51% acceptance rate

65% four-year graduation rate

17 to 1 student to faculty ratio

34,437 undergraduate students enrolled

93% retention rate

22% students living on campus

Top areas of Study:

  • Social Sciences
  • Engineering
  • Business
  • Managements
  • Biomed Sciences

Career Spotlight

Senior Campaign Strategist

This week the Civics Club hosted a Career Talk with Senior Campaign Strategist, Bill Schwulst. During this virtual visit (last minute change from in person), Mr. Schwulst gave students some great tips on how to start getting involved in political campaigns. Mr. Schwulst has worked on many campaigns in his career including Barack Obama and Bernie Sanders.

His advice to our students was to start out volunteering in any number of ways: text banking, blogging, advertising on social media, help at or host voter registration events, etc. Once you get some experience you can then take on more of a leadership role and manage others in these operations.

This was a very informative talk organized by Maddon Hoh-Choi. Great job Maddon!

Want more?

If you are hungering for more information, here is a link to the Prospect College and Career Center Newsletter which has everything you would ever want to know and more. Mrs. Bencomo does a great job with her newsletter so check it out. It is full of resources and links to opportunities that are applicable to all students, not just Prospect students. Go to:
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