Virtual Library

Dr. Morris's Weebly

What things did you like?

We really liked all the resources that were provided on the site. It was very helpful that they were already hyper linked so that we didn't have to search for it. Dr. Morris’s virtual library has an array of useful links and resources for students entering and/or participating in the Library Media Program. This site contains everything from admissions into the graduate program to course offerings, as well as resources for classwork. We like how easy the weebly is to navigate. You can click on links at the top of the page or click on the blue links for a specific topic. It is extremely easy to understand and read. There are numerous resources for students to use. On the blog page it was nice to be able to read some of the entries by other students and see how they were all eager and excited about this program. We really liked how you could go and look at other educator’s reviews of books and how they used the material. One of our favorite parts of the virtual library was the “Web 2.0” section. I had no idea there was so much out there. These are invaluable tools for a library media specialist.

What things would you like to see on the weebly?

We would like to see pictures/examples of work completed by the program’s students. They are an excellent tool to help students get an idea of what they need to be doing on each assignment. There is plenty of information for students to see and learn about on the weebly. The information provided is very helpful for students in the Library Media program.

How does it need to be updated?

Overall, the weebly seemed up-to-date. The only thing we found that would need to be updated is the course offerings. The schedule is still on the 2014 calendar year. It could be updated by appearing more modern as well as updating the text each semester with appropriate dates. The website is simple, which is easy to follow and navigate, but the look of the website could be improved by having a more fresh and inviting feel to it.

What needs to stay the same, but expanded?

The ease of navigation should stay the same since the website is essentially user-friendly, however; more of the content could be updated to achieve a more professional look.We would like to see a section added on internship and the requirements. The course descriptions and expectations could be expanded upon. It would be great to know what the requirements and the assignments would be for each class. (For example: group or individual assignments and whether or not a trip to JSU would be required). We really enjoyed spending time exploring Dr.Morris's Virtual Library. We appreciate the virtual library and the work it took to put it together.