Flowering into Forty

A Celebration of Brenna's 40th Birthday

We Want to Flower Brenna with All Things Fabulous!!!

As you know, Brenna turns 40 this year. As family and friends of this fabulous female, we want to celebrate this fine fete in a fantastic fashion! Thus we formally invite you to come and enjoy her fortieth birthday festivities. We will have finger foods, fresh fruit, fine wine, fruit punch, and, finally, fantastic fun! Feel free to frequent for the full time or pop in for a fast fling. Either way we are thankful you can come celebrate the fabulousness that is Brenna Ganota.

As a fresh and informal way to flatter Brenna with our fondness of all that is her, we would love for you to bring your favorite single, fresh flower to help create a "fortieth" bouquet for her to have to gaze upon fondly. Please no other gifts but your presence:)

Open House for Brenna

Saturday, Dec. 5th, 2-5pm

422 Biltmore Circle

Murfreesboro, TN

Please email me at karastorm7@yahoo.com to let me know if you are able to join us. That way we can feature ample food and fine wine. Or call/text Betty, Brenna's mom, at 937-212-2209 to let her know.