Oscar De La Renta


Born July 22nd, 1932 in the Dominican Republic, and died peacefully in his home on October 20th, 2014.

"My greatest strength is knowing who I am and where I come from- my island."- Oscar De La Renta.

Fashion houses

Originally, he worked for Spanish fashion houses in Madrid, where he was studying painting, then he worked as an assistant in Paris, but he eventually opened up his own couture house in New York, after relocating to America.


Couture-like ready-to-wear collections have provided many important people, including many first ladies and celebrities everything from a show-stopping moment on the red carpet to a gorgeous dress for an event, or even for the cover of Vogue. Also, his store is home to New York City's most expensive fashion store.


Oscar De La Renta's Collection includes:

  1. Ready to wear couture- Very expensive, beautiful clothing, that is primarily dresses.
  2. Jewelry- Crystal, diamonds, very luxurious
  3. Handbags- extremely expensive, very commonly a clutch
  4. Bridal- exclusive, designer for Jenna Bush, must contact a bridal specialist before buying a wedding dress.
  5. Children's wear- Very expensive looking children's clothing, very appropriate and dressy as well.
  6. Shoes- Very high heels, a mix of color and black in this collection.
  7. House & Home- Nice, colorful china that is usually very colorful as well.


  • Ready to wear
  • Fall
  • Spring
  • Bridal
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