We're running out of water!

What things can we do to defeat this drought?

Where does all our water go?

Our water is everywhere! In glaciers just sitting around and in streams and rivers rushing down. Only 3% of Earth's water is freshwater! So if only 3% of water is available, where is all the rest? And how are we using that 3%?

Tips to Conserve Water

Water Usage Information

Here Are Some Facts On Water Usage!

  • In 2005, roughly 410,000 million gallons of water was taken out for use, every day
  • around 80% was withdrawn from surface water, and of that, even 82% was freshwater

  • The other 20% was from groundwater supplies. 96% of that water was fresh water.

  • the biggest amount of surface water taken was in California, to use for irrigation.

  • Almost 2/3 of the freshwater-groundwater that was taken in 2005 was for irrigation.

  • Over 1/2 of the groundwater used for irrigation was for just four states: Nebraska, Arkansas, Texas, and California.

  • Irrigation had the biggest use of groundwater in 25 American states.

  • A family approximately takes out 300 gallons a day. Of that, 30% or more is for outdoor use.

  • A ten minute shower can take as much as 42 gallons of water.

Water Distibution around the world

Water Distibution Facts!

  • 2/3 of freshwater is found underground

  • 84% of freshwater is used for agriculture

  • 70% of the earth's freshwater is found as ice in below freezing places

  • Even families of four use up to 400 gallons of water a day

  • About 68.7% of the freshwater on earth is frozen

  • 97% of water is saltwater and 2% of earth's supply is unavailable, leaving only 1% of earths water usable

  • California withdrawals 21% of saline water

  • Usable water comes from precipitation that seeps into the ground and from precipitation that collects in bodies of water