Bioethics Online Fall 2013

PHI 2635 - Biomedical Ethics Class Number: 11565

Philosophy's First Online Offering

The Philosophy Department is pleased to announce that our first online offering, PHI 2635, is available for registration for the fall 2013 semester. This course is an examination of the philosophical foundations of bioethical theory and an exploration of some of the main issues in contemporary bioethics. PHI 2635 is a great fit for students interested in ethics or health careers, such as careers in medicine, nursing, public health, and pharmacy. Topics examined include: the patient - health-care provider relationship, research on human subjects, reproductive technology, scarce resource allocation, aging, and emerging biotechnology.

PHI 2635 is a Gordon Rule (writing intensive) and Multicultural Y designated course.

(As with all online classes at FSU, there is a distance-learning fee associated with this course.)