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Listserv 3.5.15

What A Week!

Mirriam-Webster defines the word "resilience" as “an ability to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or change.” Our students and staff demonstrated resilience this week in response to the flood and Thursday's winter weather. Please let your child know that we are proud of them. Hopefully the warmer weather is right around the corner.

March Art Newsletter 2015 (Seeking Volunteers)

Dear Parents,

Would you be able to help me hang up artwork for Artessy at CMS gymnasium on March 26th in the afternoon, on March 27th, or on March 30th at 9 a.m. for tear down? Even if you are available for an hour, it would be greatly appreciated by me. Please email me if you are available or if you have any questions. Artessy is a wonderful event for the community that showcases the talents of our Chariho students.

Kindergarteners have drawn mugs of hot cocoa for Artessy. First grade has made self- portraits with yarn hair. Second graders have made a piece of a caterpillar. This was in support of their science unit. Third graders made houses that make up a community. They study this in Social Studies. Fourth graders have made designs inspired by Mondrian. Your children have worked hard on their art work and the projects look great!

I also still need volunteers to work with 3rd grade students for their weaving project. It is not necessary that your child is a 3rd grader but you do need to have a background check that was done this year. Parents assist the students with tying yarn.

Donations accepted J Do you have any yarn or craft supplies that you no longer need? I would be happy to use them in the art room.


Ms. J. Mandeville


We do not permit toys, games, entertainment devices, trading cards, etc. at school if they have been brought from home. The reason is they are expensive and/or valuable.

Experience has shown that these items may become:

· Borrowed/lent and then broken or lost;

· Stolen

· Misplaced

This in turn creates:

· Hard feelings between families and children

· Disappointment

· Frustration

All this distracts from education and creates difficult situations and an unpleasant educational environment. Please, we request that you have the children leave these items at home. We certainly have enough here to occupy their time with us during the day. If your student does bring these items to school they will be taken away and brought to the Principal. Mrs. Martin will contact you to come to the school to pick these items up.

PE Update: Jump Rope for Heart

This year we will be participating in the American Heart Association's (AHA) Jump Rope for Heart during the week of March 23-27th. All forms should be going home on Friday the 6th. If you haven't seen one, please check your child's folder for information and directions that will better assist your child in setting their personal goals and supporting the connection between school, personal health and community.

***As always, we welcome any family members that would like to come in and help turn ropes with us; as well as JUMP with your child. Parents, grandparents and OLDER siblings are more than welcome! - Remember though, you'll need a BCI on file with the school if you're VOLUNTEERING to come and help!***

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Spotlight on Learning: NCTIES Conference 2015

Myself and Mrs. Poore, the principal of Charlestown Elementary School spent the past two days at the North Carolina Technology in Education Society conference. We were so inspired. I can assure you that this is an AMAZING time to be an educator. We learned so many things that we cannot wait to share with the other administrators, our teachers and your children! Here are some of the highlights of what we learned about blended learning in elementary classrooms:

Assessment and Immediate Feedback


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Digital Storytelling

North Carolina Technology in Education Society

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Dates to Remember

3.7.15 PTO Boys' Choice Event URI Men's Basketball game (Ryan Center)

3.16.15 Happy Birthday Richmond 1:30 pm

Alumni Tours 5-6 pm

3.18.15 Literacy Workshop for Parents/Guardians 5:30 pm (Library)

PTO Meeting 6:30 pm

3.19.15 Early Release Day