The Separate Piece

By: John Knowles

Plot of The Separate Piece

Gene is a quiet, smart student at the Devon School. During the summer session, he becomes friends with his roommate Finny, whose charm consistently allows him to get away with behavior. Finny persuades Gene into making a jump out of a tree into a river, and the two start a secret society with all of his friends. Gene gradually begins to like Finny’s amazing athletic abilities, mad in Finny’s breaking a school swimming record on his first try. He thinks that Finny loves his amazing academic achievements, and he thinks that Finny has been trying to distract him from his studies. Gene’s thoughts transformed into hatred, but he nevertheless carefully maintains an appearance of friendship. Gene then makes Finny fall of off the tree and hurt Finny. The guilt starts to make inner enemies in Gene.

Theme of the book

The theme of the book is friendship.

Quotes:"It's you, pal," Finny said to me at last, "just you and me." He and I started back across the fields, preceding the others like two seigneurs.

Quotes:I threw my hip against his, catching him by surprise, and he was instantly down, definitely pleased. This was why he liked me so much. When I jumped on top of him, my knees on his chest, he couldn't ask for anything better. We struggled in some equality for a while, and then when we were sure we were too late for dinner, we broke off."

Climax and Resolution

The climax is when Gene decides to shake the branch causing Finny to fall. The resolution of The Separate Piece is Finny dies and Gene finishes school.

Favorite Part of the book

My favorite part of the book is when Gene makes Finny fall of off the tree because that part has action and drama.

Best Character

The best character of the book is Finny because he is athletic and funny, he reminds me of myself.