Early Signs Of Dementia

Dementia is a progressive condition that can severely affect the quality of life of the patient. It is important to spot the early signs of the condition in order to prevent it from worsening. Generally, elderly are more susceptible to Dementia. If your loved one has been diagnosed with the condition, it is advisable to move him to an assisted living home for complete care and comprehensive medical services.

Below are some of the signs that may indicate the onset of Dementia:

Memory loss: If the elderly has begun to forget important dates, names, events etc., it is time to get him checked for Dementia. He may also forget to take medicines or take meals at specific times. He may even perform some activities again and again. In such situations, it is better to shift him to an assisted living home as the staff will provide personalized care.

Trouble making plans: A person with Dementia may have trouble making and executing plans. It may become difficult to follow a certain schedule and solving day-to-day problems.

Daily tasks are challenging: Even the basic routine tasks such as bathing, driving, eating etc. may become difficult to be carried out independently. Dementia patients may need assistance in carrying out simple jobs so it is important to keep a constant check on them.

Problems in balance- If a person is not able to walk properly and finds it difficult to maintain body balance, it may be an early sign of Dementia. Due to imbalance, he may stumble and fall, which can cause injuries.

Staring: The person may stare frequently during a conversation. He may also skip some lines while reading due to uncontrolled eye movement.

Aggression: Dementia patients often get aggressive when they are not allowed to do certain activities. You may notice changes in behavior which may makes them difficult to deal with. It can be a reason to move them to an assisted living home.

Confusion: They may not be able to choose the right path while traveling due to lost sense of direction. It may also become difficult to choose their clothes due to confusion.

Eating habits: With the onset of Dementia, eating habits can change. They may develop liking for a specific food and eat in a messy way. It may become a possibility that they even like to eat spoiled food.

Losing interest in activities: If a person starts losing interests in social activities and becomes depressed, you must pay extra attention. He may also start avoiding social gatherings and meetings.

Poor judgement: A person with Dementia may become gullible and unable to understand the meaning of a conversation. They may also not identify sarcasm in the speech.

A person with Dementia needs thorough assistance at every simple step. So, it is advisable to move him to an assisted living home to improve his overall health.