size dousnt matter in friendship

Haley Marshall class period 1/2

Analysis of development of theme.

Freak and Max met when they were little at daycare. Freak knew max as the kicker and Max knew freak as the robot kid the reason max calls him that is because of his leg braces. But as time went along they did not know or talk to each other. but then eighth grade started and freak moved right next door to max. Then they became very good friends again as they got to know each other more and more. They went on tons and tons of quests with lots of trials in between and they never left each others sides again. But there size did not matter. Freak rode on his shoulders high. and max carried him. And they liked it that way and it never changed Until one day on freaks birthday of all the days he had a attack and freak had to go to the hospital because he thought he was getting a new robot body. But he died in the hospital because his inside got to big foe him and he died. But max learned that its better to have had a friend like freak and had to let him go than to never had,had a friend like freak at all.

Reflectand Applicationof Theme

I think they did a very good job on the theme of the book freak the mighty, and i think it fits very well with the story how freak and max become friends. Max did not care how little freak was and freak did not care how big max was. They realized it's on the inside that really matters. They both were facing big trials in there lives. So they had each other to make them feel better. Max thought he was dumb and freak thought he was too little. But together they fell normal. That is why i think the theme is good for the book freak the mighty.

visual Reprsentation of theme


At the very beginning of the story they meet at a daycare but they are so little they can't remember. Freak doesn't look different because everyone is small there baby's. But he still had to wear leg braces. When the days went by and they started growing up freak came back and moved next door the summer before eighth grade. They started to get to know each other again and started becoming good friends. Then they start going on dangerous quests they found a purse and returned it to a person Max's dad new so they were very scared. Then on Christmas eve Max's dad came and took max from his room and took him to Iggy's house and when he tried to get away he tried to strangle him. The cops came because Freak called them. Max's dad got arrested. Next it was Freaks birthday he was turning 13. He did not even touch his food or cake and he went to go play with his toys he got and had a seizure. he was in the hospital for a long time and Freak thought they where giving him a new body but he died. Then max did not want to ever come out of his room so Grim said too him its better to have ever had a friend like Freak and to let him go then to never have had a friend like him at all.

about the author

About the author.

Rodman Philbrik writes american novels for parents and children. Rodman was born in Boston Massachusetts, and know lives in Maine and Florida. Rodman and lynn Harnett where married from 1980 until her death in 2012. "I believe that we can all change our lives using our imagination. Imagination is like a muscle the more you use it the stronger it gets. That is a little bit about Rodman Philbrik.