Pre-K Specials

Newtown Friends School :: February, 2016


Students will visit the library each week for story time and to select books. Students will hear and retell stories with different plot structures including linear (Go to Sleep Groundhog), and cumulative (This is the House that Jack Built).


The pre-k students will continue to sing our letter songs. We will be practicing our steady beat through the use of various poems, songs, dances and classroom instruments. We will also be using the parachute this month to practice steady beat! Our February composer of the month is Cole Porter.


February brings our big school wide event Jump Rope for Heart. This will be our pre-k students' first experience with Jump Rope for Heart so the overall goal is for students is to have fun while learning how to jump rope. Our class will participate in a variety of games that involve jumping; some will use ropes and some will not. In February we play a game called Flag Grab that involves running, dodging and defending, Doctors vs Viruses that uses the skills of running, dodging and tagging, as well as other tag games and racing games.. There will also be a bonus football activity the week of the Super Bowl!


This month students will begin to learn the names for clothing items in Spanish. Along with clothing we will be talking about the four seasons and beginning to add some basic body parts. We are constantly working with questions in Spanish such as: What is this? What are they? How many are there? What color are they?, etc. With clothing we will add: What are you wearing? What is he/she wearing?, and other appropriate phrases. The class will continue to recycle and review answering basic questions such as: What is your name? and How are you?

Upcoming Events:

Thursday 2/11 - Noon Dismissal, Parent-Teacher Conferences

Friday 2/12 - No School, Parent-Teacher Conferences

Monday 2/15 - No School, Presidents' Day