D'erica, Heidy, Leya, Katilyn & Jaden (Mrs. Cheg. Period 3)

Marine Organisms that belong to this phylum:

  • Crabs
  • Shrimps
  • Lobsters
  • Barnacle

Primary Symmetry of our phylum:

  • Bilateral

Feeding habits within our phylum:

  • Their claws break food apart while their mouth apendages help to eat the food...

Respiration Habits within our phylum:

  • Breath through mouth apendages

Special Apendages/Envronment KNowledge:

They have antenas and all of their apendages can sense things.

Nervous system of our phylum:

  • They have brains

Moving within our phylum:

  • Organisms within our phylum move using their apendages


  • Reproduce sexually

Special adaptations for breeding, defense and everyday life:

  • Exoskeleton