So Far in South Korea

Food Issue

The past few weeks

The past few weeks have not had that much in the line of new and big news. Most of it includes things that I have done in the states. I found some friends to play table top gaming with, watched movies with friends, have been reading (I found an English bookstore with used, new, and tradeback-comic books!), and of course eating.

After a recent post of me eating, a friend (Andy P.) said, "You should post recipes to your blog[.]" is it...the food edition.


Recipes Links

The jeon (some call it pajeon) in my photograph is specifically saewoojeon. It is a Korean pancake made mostly with leeks cooked with an egg, or flour, batter. Saewoojeon is jeon with shrimp added. Here is a recipe for jeon below the four pictures. Make sure not to use too thick of green onion or leeks when cooking this simple food...

Not a good description, but a simple one, is gimbap is a Korean version of sushi. It's not a true description because it is made a little differently, and it does not include raw fish. My favorite is made with tune, but you can have it with ham, seasoned beef, or vegetarian. The options are really with making a sandwich. With seaweed and rice on the outside, the fillings can be quite a range. Recipe is located a little down the page...

Korean barbecue just requires friends, a grill, and whole lot of side dishes!

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