The Dolphin Whistle

May 11th- Issue 35

Message from Ms. Lambert

Dear Parents,

This Sunday, May 15th at 10:00 a.m. we need your help!

We need to move the garden planter boxes as construction begins this summer and the boxes and containers need to dug up, put on carts, and moved to a storage area behind rooms 34-36.

There will be snacks and much gratitude for those who can spend even an hour helping! We will use those boxes in the new garden area when the new school is constructed.

Thank you in advance!

Best regards,

Theresa Lambert
Principal Mariano Castro Elementary

Big thank you, Volunteers!

We want to express our gratitude to all our volunteers who support Mariano Castro Elementary school with their helping hands!

Thanks to









K12-TEAM LITERACY (only Carol, I believe, is the volunteer)

SAFE MOVES (VERBS) - (Bicycle safety)



Thank you to the families, relatives, and friends of the following students for volunteering this year at Castro!

A. Marvin

A. Isabella

A. Josmar

A. Galilea

A. Rubí

A. Diana

A. Gabriela

A. Christopher

A. Angelee

B. Yuliana


B. William

B. Felix

C. Britney

C. Jessica

C. Jean Carlo

C. Daniel

C. Carlos

C. Geovany

C. Erandi

C. Amelia

C. Iris

C. Manuel

C. Ariana

C. Bryan

C. Guadalupe

D. Francisco

E. Andrés

F. Jair

G. Jamileth

G. Alfredo

G. Michelle

G. Yair

G. Angel

G. Jocelyn

G. Humberto

G. Paulina

G. Anthony

G. Gabriel

G. Eveana

G. Melissa

G. Naidely

G. Daniel

G. Kayden

G. Iker

G. Kendry

H. Karen

H. David

H. Melissa

H. Yener

H. Greidy


H. Izael

H. Nikole

H. Amanda

H. Natalia

H. Natalia

H. Jingyi

H. Carlos

I. Freddy

I. David

K. Esperansa

K. Esmeralda

K. Ivanka

K. Hanna

L. Juliette

L. Steve

L. Juan

L. Emily

L. Theodor

L. Paloma

M. Flor

M. Danny

M. Amy

M. Bryan

M. Chelsey

M. Lindsey

M. Alejandro

M. Lyan

M. Daniel

M. Allyson

M. Emily

M. Adrián


M. Sarah

M. Maia

N. Jordan

N. Angela

N. Raphael

N. Ryan

O. Abigale

O. Krystal

O. Iván

O. Adrielle

O. Jovany

O. Itzel

O. Allison

O. Michael

P. Yug

P. Yesha

P. Arnav

P. Tanvi

P. Ingrid

P. Carlos

P. Ana Cecilia

P. Isaac

P. William

P. Rodney

P. Cadence

P. Daniel

Q. Yanzhe

R. Visola

R. Gadiel

R. Alondra

R. José

R. Johann

R. Dulce

R. Michelle

R. Bernardo

R. Kevin

S. Jorge

S. Lupita

S. JanCarlo

S. Steven

S. D’Andre

S. Pablo

S. Karen

S. Lily

S. Nikita

S. Kevin

S. Amman

S. Ayaan

S. Samantha

S. Soo’ulalealofa

S. Nodira

T. Vidusha

T. Jens

T. Daira

V. Brianna

V. Allan

V. Dimitri

W. Alexander

Z. Angel

Z. Xiomara

Z. Yathziri





The Science Fair is coming on Thursday, May 12, 2016.

The Science Fair will take place this Thursday, May 12, from 6-8 pm in the
MUR and nearby classrooms.

Come and get excited about science with the Mistral and Castro community!

This year’s Science Fair will feature:

- over 90 original science projects from Mistral and Castro students

- a MYSTERY engineering challenge open to all students

- delicious tacos for sale

Join us for this fun celebration of science!

Help Save Our Garden Planters, Boxes, and Greenhouses Before Construction Hits!


Volunteers and tools needed!

Kid volunteers welcome!

Sunday, May 15th, 10 am

Meet at the Oak tree by room 1

Two ways to help:


  • Deconstruct and move planter boxes, barrels and green houses

Lend Tools

  • Hammers
  • Crow bars
  • Socket Sets
  • Screwdriver Sets
  • Torx Screwdriver Sets

Promotion Ceremony for 5th Grade

The Promotion Ceremony for our 5th graders will be on June 3rd at 10:30 am.

This year our 5th grade students will use the school colors: royal blue and silver/grey. It is your decision how to combine the colors.

Calendar of Upcoming Events

5/11Wednesday, Chromebook Give Away, Theuerkauf Elementary, 5:00 - 7:00 PM
5/13 Friday, Mountain View Fire Station 1 Field Trip, Rooms 20 and 24, 8:50 AM - 2:10 PM
5/16 Monday, Stanford Dream4College Field Trip, Rooms 15 & 16, 9:00 AM

5/16 Monday, Gala Concert for Band, Community School of Music and Arts, 7:00 PM

5/17 Tuesday, The Hour of Code, Castro MUR, 6:00 - 8:00 PM

5/17 Tuesday, District Advisory Council Mt, D.O., 6:00 PM

5/18 Wednesday, Coffee with the Principal, Staff Lounge, 8:30 AM
5/18 Wednesday, Field Trip to Mountain View Library, Room 39, 8:35 AM

5/18 Wednesday, Free Nutrition Classes, Rethink your Drink, MUR, 6:15 - 7:15 PM

5/18Wednesday, Gala Concert for Strings, Community School of Music and Arts, 7:00 PM

5/19Thursday, Meeting to Coordinate 5th Grade Promotion, Staff Lounge, 6:30 PM

5/20 Friday, Field Trip to Mountain View City Hall, Rooms 7 and 10, 8:50 AM

5/23Monday, 4th Grade Field Trip to California Museum, 8:30 AM to 6:00 PM

5/24 Tuesday, Deer Hollow Farm Field Trip, Rooms 7 & 10, 8:50 AM

5/25 Wednesday, PTA General Meeting, MUR, 6:30 PM

5/26 Thursday, Personal Success Assembly, MUR, 11:45 AM

5/27 Friday, End of 3rd Trimester- Minimum Day, Student Dismissal 12:25 PM

5/30 Monday, Memorial Day, No School Day

6/3 Friday, 5th Grade Promotion Ceremony, MUR, 10:30 AM

6/3 Friday, Report Cards Sent Home

6/3 Friday, Last Day of School - Minimum Day, Student Dismissal 12:25 PM





Final Spirit Wear Sales!!

Tuesday, May 24th and Friday, May 27th (before and after school) will be the final sales of Castro Spirit Wear for this school year. Mark your calendar and make plans to stop by. We will be located near the MUR, by Room 9.

Hoodies $15 (FREE Tote Bag!)

Zip-Down Hoodies $23 (FREE Tote Bag!)

Adult T-Shirts $5 (choice of Blue or Black)

PTA Membership Cards for 2015-16

Did you purchase a PTA membership for this school year? The card to prove your membership is in the school office. If you do not yet have your card, you are encouraged to pick it up in the Castro Office during regular business hours. They are in alphabetical order on the counter in a specially marked box. The PTA thanks you for your membership and the interest you have in your child’s school and their education.

Volunteers Needed-Morning of June 3rd! Please HELP!

We need to get some volunteers to help the 4th grade parents set up for the 5th grade Promotion Ceremony. Parents from any grade level can help! There are many small tasks to accomplish and many hands help the work get done quickly. Can you plan to spend 30-90 minutes on that day to help make the Promotion Ceremony ready? (Remember that your child will be in the position to help with this ceremony soon.) Time passes quickly! Please call Fernanda Brant at (650) 669-2280 for details and scheduling.

PTA Offices for the future school year

The PTA is still actively looking for some new faces to help us continue into the next school year. Do you have 2-4 hours per week to help your child’s school to be successful? We can all work together and the duties are light, since our school is small. You can use these duties as work experience on your resume.

Please contact: April Ornelas (209) 513-0509 OR Fernanda Brant (650) 669-2280 (en español).

This is very important to help our school continue the level of excellence that we expect at Castro. Please consider a small committee appointment, if you are not ready for an office. Support is here for you to learn and grow. Please consider a position today!

Box Tops for Education

Thank you to all for turning in those Box Tops!! We have received many this month! You may turn them in at any time to the Castro School Office during the regular school year.

Save them at home during the summer and bring them in when school begins in August. They help earn money for Castro School. Remember to ask your family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers to save them for your child. Just save the coupons in a baggie and collect from your people a few times each year.

It is a great way to support your child’s education and the school’s library, field trips, and some teacher supply costs. SAVE THEM!!


Cafecito with the Superintendent/For Spanish-speaking parents of MVWSD students

Join Superintendent Dr. Ayindé Rudolph for casual conversation:

Jun 1 at 6:30 p.m. at Theuerkauf MUR

Bring your questions and comments. Translation will be available.

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