John Cabot

By: Ethan Olarte

When was He Born

John Cabot was born in circa 1450 in Genoa. He died in 1499. He moved to Venice around 1461. He worked as a merchant and spice trade.

Who did He Sail For

John Cabot sailed for King Henery VII of England. He was living in England at this time.

How Did He Die

John Cabot was on his second voyage. He got caught in a storm at sea and died in a shipwreck.

How is He Known

John Cabot sailed to voyages. On his first he found an unihabited land. He came back and reported the news. When he left on his second voyage he die in a stormy shipwreck. His explorations are the basis of England's early claims on North America.
The Life of John Cabot