"What's Been Going On In Ms. Sullivan's Room?"

We're Baaaaack!

Like many of you and I'm sure your children, I'm not quite ready to see the end of summer. (Hence the beach themed background.) We are back though and we have hit the ground running. We have been hard at work settling in and establishing new routines.

Race To Ready

We begin each day with our Race to Ready routine. Students have 5 minutes to accomplish a list of tasks. With these tasks completed we are ready to begin our day. The tasks include; taking down chair, unpacking bag, hanging up bag and coat, checking agenda for notes, and writing in and packing homework. We have practiced this routine and students have a visual reminder of the steps to follow.

Reader's Workshop (Santa Would Be Impressed)

Like Santa's elves, we are busy all the time. Only instead of building toys, we are building better readers! We start each workshop with a focus lesson. Right now our focus lessons are on what Reader's Workshop looks and sounds like. What are students doing? What are teacher's doing? Soon we will be working on all the different reading strategies good readers use. After the Focus Lesson students have an opportunity to Practice Reading. Each student has a book basket with books on his/her level. We finish up Reader's Workshop with a Group Share. Students share books read or strategies used that day.

The M Word (MATH)

I LOVE Math! I hope to turn my students into Math lovers too. Although we have all felt the frustrations of beginning a new math program (EngageNY), students will not only be able to solve math problems but be able to explain how it was solved. This past week we have reviewed Bonds of 10 and using R.D.W. when solving a word problem. Please discuss both topics with your child and see if he/she can explain them. We will also be starting a math journal this year. I look forward to sharing it with you on parent's night.


I hope you all received the Ms. Sullivan's Survival Guide/Info for Grade 2 brochure. It was sent home on the first day of school. Please let me know if you did not receive it. It listed all the different ways for us to keep in contact. If you have concerns about any school issues or policies please bring it to my attention immediately. :)