By: Trey Thomas

Move to the city

Modernists moved to the cities for the excitements of city life. Many who moved to the city who weren't all ready there were young adults from rural areas who got tired of living in the "old days" and wanted to experience the thrills of city life.

Modernists Dancing in a Jazz Club.

Modernists are into the casual dancing and partying. They do things to have fun. Regardless of what their parents think or believe. Modernist embrace the Jazz "swing".

Modernists Mainly Supported Evolution

Most modernists support the idea of evolution. They believe in the fact that the world evolved over millions of years. They reject the ideas and beliefs of Creationism.

No more courting!

The young and wild nature of the modernists also affects the dating aspect of life. Due to the now easy access to cars, teens are now able to go out by themselves and have fun without an adult chaperon.

Rebellious acts contribute to smaller clothes

With the teens rebelling from all the rules as it is, girls now wear more revealing clothes and skimpier bathing suits.


Modernists reject the Prohibition and want to drink! They create secret underground clubs so that they can drink as they please.