Steve Jobs Loses his Job!

different direction=new selection!

Chronological order of Jobs's work!

1984-Macintosh Computer

1989-next Computer



Chronological order of his life.

24 Feb 1955= Steven Paul was born in San Francisco.

1960= The Jobs family moves from San Francisco to Mountain View, a suburban town in Santa Clara county.

1972= Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak build and illegally sell 'blue boxes' that allow to make phone calls for free.

1974= Steve gets his first job at video game maker Atari, and later makes a trip to India to 'seek enlightenment' with his college friend Dan Kottke.

20 years old= Started the company.

Age 30= Jobs got fired from his own company.

Later He came back, succeed, and got popular.

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He came back no mater what. And he become better at what he failed.


Problem- got fired

Solution- came back

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Compare and Contrast.

Compare- He persevered like anyone else.

Contrast- A different problem that everyone else.


Steve Jobs= successful, smart, popular, rich, and persevered.