DBQ Grading Activity

Instructions below

Period 3 Groups (27 Students) (5,6,6,5,5) (26 essays)

Group 1: Emma, Samantha G., Sharon, Ilano, Briana,

Group 2: Jesse, Emmanuelle, Samantha M., Bella, Sabrina, Tamra

Group 3: Kalista, Kelly, Enting, Natalie, Keegan, Emely

Group 4: Brian, Joey, Marlene, Sofia, Stevee

Group 5: Ali, Blake, Carisa, Sinit, Paola

Period 5 Groups (25 students) (5 groups of 5) (27 essays)

Group 1: Safa, Duha, Azu, Bayo, Sean

Group 2: Bailey, Kalista, Aaliyah, Jeremiah, Sam Kim

Group 3: Isabel, Janelle, Haza, Priscila, Soller

Group 4: Brittney, DJ, Abigail, Selisa, Sescilly

Group 5: Marge, Ashley, Ven, Granda, Barrios

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In your groups, you will be given a certain number of DBQ Essays from the other class period.

Together, you will discuss, debate and score each of the essays given to your group.

I will be walking around the classroom assisting and discussing whether an essay receives a check mark or a point if you and the group are unsure what to put down.

Context and Thesis have already been scored for you. For the purpose of this activity, half points will not be awarded.

The learning objective is for you and your groups to see other students' work while checking to see if the students correctly described 3 (summarized), supported 6 (their argument), and explained 3 (HIPP) each of the documents.

You will also be scoring for Outside Information, and Complex Understanding.

Each essay will have a rubric that you will attach, and one person per group will fill it out at the end of the lesson, giving the student a final score ___/7.

DBQ Breakdown

Prompt: Evaluate the extent to which sectionalism in the United States during the 1840s and 1850s led to the seccession of Southern states in 1861.

Document 1: Source: The Wilmot Proviso, 1846

Information: Democrat congressman from Pennsylvania proposition. Did NOT pass.


Document 2: Source: Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, 1848.

Information: Treaty passed by Congress officially ended Mexican American War leading to the acquisition of Mexican Cession lands (AZ, CA, CO, NV, NM, UT, & WY)


Document 3: Source: Compromise of 1850 (Map)


Document 4: Source: Harriet Beecher Stowe, "Eliza's Escape," Uncle Tom's Cabin, 1852

Information: Fictional story showing life as a slave through the eyes of a northern white woman abolitionist.


Document 5: Source: Chief Justice Taney's introduction to the Dred Scott decision


Document 6: Source: John Brown to T.B. Musgrave (one month before his execution), November 17, 1859, Sanborn, Life and Letters.


Document 7: Source: Secession Map 1861